Wisteria: it’s a boy!

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 2nd, 2011 in General

I am thrilled!

At 1.00 am this morning, Wisteria foaled a handsome colt, by her own sire Triermain. Jeanne Craver, who brought him to the world, with Charles, wrote:

At 11 she was starting to think about it; at 1 she had a nose and one leg out and was lying on her back up against the wall. The hardest part was rolling her down off the wall, and then the other front foot was bent back at the pastern, and once I straightened that out, out he came with Wisteria doing most of the work. 

At one hour, he is up and walking on his own, he has had a bottle of mom’s best, and the mare has almost finished cleaning, I took a few iPhone photos in the dark. He is a handsome boy, withers at about my waist, legs straight, close coupling, nice neck…. everything looking good! Oh, and he’s grey. Surprise!
In keeping with the W pattern of his dam, his granddam HB Wadduda, and his two sisters Walladah and Wadhah, he shall be named Wadd, the name of the ancient (before Islam) Arab god of love, whose sanctuary was located in the oasis town of Dumat al-Jandal (today, al-Jawf, in North-West Saudi Arabia).
Here’s one of the first snapshots Jeanne sent at the wee hours of this morning:



10 Responses to “Wisteria: it’s a boy!”

  1. by the way, he carries an impressive 243 crosses to *Urfah and 140 crosses to *Wadduda.

  2. Congratulations.. Mabrouk..

    A chestnut color would have been a nice. I am just found of Davenport’s shiny chestnuts.

    He is a stallion prospect for sure.

  3. Allah Ybarek Fik..

  4. So beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. There is no future for the breed without colts…
    Don’t worry! He looks very promising…..be happy!

    Best wishes,

  6. Congratulations. I love colts in this world of filly worshipers. Colts can do all sorts of things. They can be ridden, they can go to shows and be in parades, they can be family horses, and they even can be fathers, if everyone thinks it is for the best.
    They just, as with boys, eventually have to learn to get over themselves.

  7. I think I am going to put your statement on my kid’s door…

  8. The world needs another Triermain son. Godspeed, little Wadd.

  9. Blessings to little Wadd. Congratulations Edouard. Very happy for all of you including mama Wisteria.

  10. Congratulations Edouard. I look at this pedigree and it almost brings tears to my eyes when I think of so many wonder mares and stallions that are in it. Of course there is the China doll Oriole being one of my favorites in the tail female, and then there are the incomparable chestnut mares, Iras and Ceres. I remember Ceres’s beautifully expressive eyes as she peered at me out of her stall. Also i remember the stallion Pompey, who I have movies of from the mid 1970s in New Mexico when he was with Jackson and Carolyn and stabled nearby them with a friend who was an artist who custom carved their wooden doors to the entrance of their house. Pompey sure had style. Of course the finishing touch is Javera Thadrian, the perfect example in the flesh of what 19th century artists depicted. I think that not only are the Cravers to be thanked for their role in this colt but also Frank Hanneschlager whose particular recipe in Davenport breeding has given us some of the lines most magnificent examples.

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