By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 15th, 2012 in Egypt

Many of you have been writing to or hearing about Yasser al-Tahawi who is one of the main persons behind the recent revelations about the original horses of the Tahawi tribe. Well here’s a picture of him, riding bareback on his Kuhaylah Ju’athiniyah mare Bushra.

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  1. Edouard how can I get in touch with them?? My mare is double Folla and I would like to know more about her ancestors.


  2. What a pity for having only a small part or that mare. it seems very nice!

  3. It’s good to see the face behind these admirable deeds. Carry on, Yasser, we are cheering for you!

    I agree with Arnault. More and bigger pictures, please! We long to see these these special horses.

  4. Thanks dear Edouard. It was a surprise to open your blog and see myself 🙂

    Thanks also to your kind guests who commented here. It is important to note that Edouard made a previous post on “Bushra” a few months ago on 28th of September 2011. The post as well as other posts include more horse photos.


  5. Tahhaawiyyah horses are horses in Egypt from the Arab Bedouin authentic and must be at the top horses in the world as it carries a rare authenticity

  6. I’m still getting caught up on things but I would like to say how pleased I am to see the image of Yasser riding this lovely mare. Edouard, I hope you will feel that it is appropriate for me to mention here [and it may have been mentioned by others before] that Dr. William Hudson is completing his book and work on the DNA of Egyptian bred Arabians and he wishes to ask anyone interested who has some tail female Tahawi mares to contact him for submitting some samples for his testing work. If notice of this is appropriate here, his email address is: whudson@whudsoncardiology.com

  7. I forgot to mention that the tail female Tahawi lines that Dr. Hudson is requesting for his study is for only the 3 Hamdan Stud Tahawi females, Bint Barakat, Futna and Folla.

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