Yazan, Rishan Shar’abi stallion from the Jabri stud, Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 7th, 2011 in Syria

Another handsome young stallion from the Jabri Stud in Aleppo, Syria, is Yazan. Photo by Gudrun Waiditschka. Don’t know his strain or his pedigree, but will inquire.

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  1. After checking the own YASAN, I see, is belonging to M. Jawad F Al Nouqari, born in 1992 syrian stud book n° 5 AO 1562, from Karaw-yah (Saglawieh Jedranieh Ibn Amoud – Owing strain from M Saoud Hamzah Joumaa, Shammar) out of Atyah (Maanagi Sbeyli Abou Saifan – owing strain from M. Atyah Abou Saifain)

  2. That’s not him. That’s another horse in Damascus.

  3. Please read on my previous comments: Ya-zan instead of Yasan.

  4. this must be by Zain Elkhail as Moustafa own him now it depends on his age though

  5. you are right he looks like a son of Zain al-Khail and he is young enough to be his son.

  6. In fact I made mistake on my comments hereabove; On april 2008, we saw Jean-Claude Rajot, louis Bauduin, James Legros and I a stallion Ya-zan 6 years old at Al Jabri farm stdb A02590 (keheilan Reeshan Sharabi) by Fares Al Thani(Obayan Seheili) AO875 by Basil and out of Bint Al Badieh A0388

  7. The shape of his hears and his manners to wear its, is an inheritance of Basil I found in most of Basil’s progeny.

  8. True…

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