By Joe Ferriss

Posted on September 25th, 2008 in Egypt, Lebanon, USA

Zamayya, February 1974 with Shaikh Al Badi Colt

Thanks Edouard, for posting that photo of Yalim. In 1974 we visited his owners the Andersons in Davison, Michigan. Actually I knew who they were well before my involvement with Arabians because they ran a music store near the city where I grew up.

When we got involved with Arabians we made friends with some breeders nearby who were among the first to breed to Shaikh Al Badi and it got us curious about the Egyptian imports. In 1972 we visited the Jamisons and saw Shaikh Al Badi as a 3 year old and the youngsters, Bint Alaa El Din, Bint Magidaa, Bint Nabilahh, and Negmaa. We started attending shows in Michigan and saw some offspring of the new Egyptian horses which got our attention. We also saw all of the Lancer imports from Egypt that were in quarantine. I also started looking for other desert breeding that we could find to see in our general area. Someone nearby had a daughter of the Hearst import, *Mounwer, out of a Crabbet bred mare that went to see. A nice mare but grey, not chestnut like her sire. Good quality though, and excellent movements and disposition.

Later we had seen the young stallion Yalim in a Michigan horse show in Fall of 1973 and we like him very much. Then we discovered his owners were the Andersons so we went to visit. We first visited in early February of 1974 and saw Zamayya with a Shaikh Al Badi colt at side. She was an old mare at the time but she was very impressive. She was a beautiful mare of the classic desert type with large eyes, and that kind of classic old world head type that has no dish, per se, but nicely shaped. Her movement was absolutely incredible. We also saw her son Yalim again who was a 3 year old at the time. He was also a very nice horse with wonderful temperament and classic type. We took a few color sides on that visit even though there was a lot of snow on the ground. I think we returned to visit later that year and I took some movies but I cannot locate the footage at the moment. However I am posting one of the slides here that we took in February 1974 so you can at least see something of her. It is not the best of pictures but if you look closely you can see very good overall quality.

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  1. These Hearst imports look Asil, smell Asil and breathe Asil.

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