Zohoor, asil Kuhaylah Hayifyah in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 14th, 2011 in Syria

Raed Yaken, who lives in London but is originally from Aleppo, Syria, sent me these pictures of his asil mare Zohoor (“Flowers”), a Kuhaylah Hayfiyah bred by Alaa al-Din al-Jabri.

Zuhur is by Mahrous (of Mustafa al-Jabri, his nephew) out of the small bay mare Durra whose photo was one of the first ones posted on this blog in 2008. Some time ago I also posted photos of Zohoor

I saw both mares at Alaa al-Din Jabri’s back in 1991, and I also saw Durra’s dam Freihat; I remember all three of them very well. They are from the most asil, authenticated marbat of K. Hayfi in Syria, that of Wawi al-Kharfan of the Fad’aan. Theirs is one of the best marabit in Syria, and it is now with the Yakan family.

His name is mistakenly spelled “Wadi” (which is not a man’s name, but means ‘valley’ in Arabic) in the Syrian Studbook and the error was picked up by others since. No one seems to remember who that Wawi al-Kharfan was, but he seems to have been one of the men of the Fad’aan Bedouin leaders Muqhim (Mijhim) al-Mayahd close circle. There is a lingering story, which I was not able to verify, that these horses actually trace back to Muqhim’s own horses.

3 Responses to “Zohoor, asil Kuhaylah Hayifyah in Syria”

  1. I like! Reminds me of some of our Tripoli daughters, and not just because of the coloring. The balance / outline is similar to me.

  2. She looks gorgeous, reminds me personally more about certain Crabbet lines.

  3. Odd, I am reminded of Don’s Blue Star horses. Then, I thing it actually reminds us all of what the Bedouin Horse is!

    JMH/Bedouin Arabians

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