Zubaida Assahara, 2010 Hadba Enzahi mare

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 10th, 2017 in Syria

I spent part of the weekend at Hazaim’s house and small farm in North Carolina, and got to see his five Davenports, four Kuhaylan Haifis and a Hadba Enzahi. The best part was a trail ride around the subdivision, him on Gilad Ibn Dubloon and me on Una CF.

Below are two photos of his 2010 Hadba Enzahi mare, Zubaida Assahara (RL Thunder Cloud x RL Angel Girl by Letarnard), with 4 lines to *Hadba. She was in many ways my favorite, despite being the smallest of the lot. A war mare, built like a tank, with a broad chest, a deep girth and a broad, round rib cage, exuding stamina and power, with a pleasing and dry head, a big eye and prominent eye socket, a dry bony face, an elegant arched throat, hair fine like silk, a shiny copper coat, overall not without style, and so reminiscent of the small and valiant desert horses of my childhood in Syria.


4 Responses to “Zubaida Assahara, 2010 Hadba Enzahi mare”

  1. So reminiscent of her sister, RL Bilquis. Little red tanks with big engines.

  2. That’s how most looked like in the home country, Carrie. The *Abeyah and *Reshan look was the exception.

  3. “The *Abeyah and *Reshan look was the exception,” are you referring to present Davenport Arabians of the tail-female Hadban Enzahi?

  4. That regular horses in the desert looked more like the Hadbans than they looked like the Reshan or Abeyah, who were the exceptions.

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