Ibn Ufaytan

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 4th, 2008 in Arabia, Syria

My fourth feature in the “Strain of the Week” series is late. This time, I will be telling you about the Ma’anaghi Hadraji strain, and in particular about the marbat (Bedouin stud) of Ibn ‘Ufaytan of Shammar.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of Faddan Ibn ‘Ufaytan (left), the Shammar Bedouin who owns the strain, which we took at his house in North-Eastern Syria, in October 2005.

 Faddan Ibn Ufaytan of Shammar, owner of a marbat of Ma’anaghi Hadraji


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  1. My stallion ”Al Bark” through his dam, has 4 crosses to the Ibn Ufaytan Horses ,he is a very good runner ,the same for his maternal uncle ”Al Khalidy” one of Syria’s best stallions

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