Strain of the week: from Kuhaylan al-Krush to Krush al-Baida

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 13th, 2008 in Arabia, Saudi

previous entry quickly went through the Kuhaylan al-Krush horses that came out of Arabia. Of these, the stallion Krush (sometimes called Krushan), imported by Lady Anne Blunt to Egyptian stud of Sheykh Obeyd in 1911, is of particular relevance for the Krush al-Baida branch of that strain.

This is what the Sheykh Obeyd Studbook, quoted by Rosemary Archer in “The Crabbet Arabian Stud: its History and Influence“,  has to say about Krush:

A Kehilan el Krush. Grey stallion bred in 1909. Sire: Kehilan el Sueti of the Harb stock. Dam: Grey Kehilet el Krush whose dam was the mare of Ammash el Reja el Duish, known as the ‘white Krush’ famed for her speed. Purchased in the desert in 1911.

As far as I know, these three lines are the only Western reference to the ‘white Krush’, “Krush al-Baida” . They are important because they give away the name of the owner of “Krush al-Baida” – a Bedouin warrior of the al-Dawish ruling clan of the Mutayr tribe, the reason for her fame – speed in tribal warfare – and an approximate date. If Krush was foaled in 1909, and “Krush al-Baida” was his granddam, then she would have been alive in the 1880s-1890s.

Bedouin oral tradition remembers “Krush al-Baida” as a mare that carried her rider and another wounded warrior back to their camp, in the context of the war between Ibn Saud and Ibn Rashid for the control of Central Arabia, a war in which the Mutayr tribe was heavily involved.

According to various accounts, some of the descendents of Krush al-Baida eventually ended up with Ibn Rashid in the central Arabian city of Ha’il, from whom Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud took them when he took Ha’il in 1921, bringing an end to a decades old conflict.  If this is correct, then there is a chance that mares likethe Crabbet mare Dafina and perhaps the Inshass mare El Kahila are desendents of “Krush al-Baida”. 

Next entry: Krush al-Baida in Syria today.

7 Responses to “Strain of the week: from Kuhaylan al-Krush to Krush al-Baida”

  1. Old Owner of the horse his name Kruosh Almkhaddobi al Hajeri al Qahtani

    Old Owner of Dahmah his name Arar Ben Shahwan al Hajeri al Qahtani

    all One Family

  2. Hi
    do you know why Krush reach IBN RASHID it is very simple because he is Abddah in Shamar Tribe and Kruosh Ben Shahwan Almkhaddobi Alhajri and his son Arar is from from Bani Hajer tribe.
    Both of Abddah and Alhajri ( bani hajer ) tribe the both tribe are from Abidah tribe and Abidah tribe from the great tribe Qahtan.
    So the both warrior related to the same roots.


    Nasser Alhajri

  3. but it was with Mutayr with al-Dawish before being with Ibn Rashid. Ibn Rashid says he got it from Mutayr..

  4. Correct he got one of them but not before Ibn Rashid, you know the tribes give the horses between them.
    Orginally kruosh is belong to the warrior ( Kruosh Ben Shahwan Almkhaddobi ) the his son Arar.
    You know you breed for 10 year or more to come up finally with one the best colt or filly.

  5. Sorry Edouard
    Which one of al-dawish you mean?

  6. the leaders of mutayr tribe. those who owned the krush strain are watban (late nineteenth cenrtury) and faysal (early twentieth)

  7. hi ,
    you said the leaders of mutayr tribe. those who owned the krush strain are watban (late nineteenth cenrtury) ?

    what is your source that watban owned the krush?

    thank you very much

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