Barely Surviving Lines: Kuhaylan Rodan through Rosemary

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 18th, 2009 in USA

In an earlier post, I had written about an asil Kuhaylan Rodan line that seems to have miraculously survived in South Africa. This was the line of Rosina, tracing to Lady Anne Blunt’s Rodania through the latter’s daughter Rosemary.

There is another asil line tracing to Rosemary that also survives in the USA. I stumbled upon it while browsing through the Al Khamsa Roster. This is the line of Rayim (Abu Zeyd x Roshana), a 1927 bay mare bred by W.R. Brown. Just follow this breath-taking genealogy of Crabbet mares from the “R” line:

Rodania –> Rosemary, 1886, by Jeroboam –> Rabla, 1899, by Mesaoud –> Rokhama, 1906, by Astraled –> *Rokhsa, 1915, by Nasik –> Roshana, 1920, by *Berk –> Rayim, 1927, by Abu Zeyd. At this point the line is bred to old American bloodlines, as Rayim produces Amirat by Arafat (Ameer Ali x Serije, a Saqlawi al-Abd tracing to *Wadduda) in 1947. Amirat in turn produced Nuqat, by Nasir, a son of Rayim, hence doubling the Rosemary line. Nuqat is bred to Abu-Talib, another Kuhaylan Rodan son of Rayim, to produce the 1960 mare Salsalet (3 close crosses to Rayim). Salsalet is bred to the Egyptian stallion Saba El Zahraa (Morafic x Salomy) to produce the 1974 mare Cardinelle, who, bred to the race winner Egyptian stallion Asjah Ibn Faleh produces the 1990 mare Princess Asjah. This mare, bred by a B.A. Cole, would be 19 years old, if alive today, and the youngest tracing to this prestigious line. Thank God for these Egyptian stallions that just came in handy to save some of the old American lines from extinction.  Now that line needs somebody to take it to the next level. Before it is too late.

Roshana (BerkXRokhsa)

11 Responses to “Barely Surviving Lines: Kuhaylan Rodan through Rosemary

  1. Princess Asjah did produce registered foals in 2000 and 2005, but not by Al Khamsa stallions.

  2. Thanks. I was worried she’d be dead, as I have no access to the AHA Datasource. She might be dead now, but it’s good to know she was alive 4 years ago.

  3. Oddly enough, another mare tracing to the old Glass breeding has turned up, and an effort is being made to get her preserved. Unfortunately, she does not carry this line, but she is still a precious remnant of that breeding program. RJ, I think we need an article on the Glass breeding program!

  4. Pretty please, RJ!! Would love to see an article on these rare lines.

  5. Jeanne, who is that mare from the Glass “marbat”? can you tell?

  6. It is Jadiba (Dib x Jabinta), 3/4 Doyle on top, and Glass in the bottom quarter. I am keeping my fingers crossed for her!

  7. Very nice! An old Crabbet/Davenport cross like these Early American Foundation horses. Lucky owner.

  8. We want you to Write about Rodan and Hadban and dahman an Jrshan in Syria

  9. Is there in Syria Abu arqob strain and um maarf

  10. okay, i will write about them one by one also Suwayti and Abu Junub.

  11. We have Bint Bint Aleesha who is of Kuhaylan Rodan Strain! Was wondering if you could give me any good insight as to a good strain or sires to breed her with?

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