There is still a tail female line to *Roda!

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 9th, 2009 in Egypt, USA

There have been interesting discussions along many of this blog’s topics over the past two weeks, and I am having a hard time catching up with all of these. I owe readers a number of new entries on these topics, and I will get to these in the next week.




Jaspre, a son of Roda
Rodasr, a son of *Roda

Rodasr, a son of *Roda

Still, how many of you knew that there was still a thin tail female to *Roda out there?  I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Margaret Shuey bred a daughter from her, Sunny Acres Fantasy, by the very handsome stallion Ibn Hanad, but did not know that this line was carried on until now.  Check out the pedigree of this young (2005) mare, for instance. True, the line is now diluted in a sea of new Egyptian breeding, but if that’s the only way to keep these old lines alive, why not… (you’re getting an insight on some of my biases here)

Ibn Hanad (Hanad x Gamil)

Ibn Hanad (Hanad x Gamil)

Anyway, isn’t it amazing to see that line managed to survive? I wonder if this was by chance, or if there was a concerted effort to preserve it..

There is even a chance of a nicer, more diverse female line to *Roda having survived, with plenty of crosses to desert horses (*Tairah, *Sunshine, *Turfa, *Nufoud). Check it out here. If it indeed has surved, would anyone be anyone out be interested in taking it forward on preservation grounds?


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  1. Edouard

    Had some astonishing news from Anita this weekend. There is another full Davenport mare here. She’s in Germany, bred by Carol Lyons. Luminescence out of Lustre x Portico (one of my all time favorites). Meanwhile, I would like to ask you and others to comments on this mare’s breeding if you would. Thanks very much.


  2. That last horse at the bottom “check it our here” Sabre Anwar… related to the horse whose pedigree I just sent you!

  3. Elena,

    this is a photo of Luminescence LD:

    and one of her dam, Lustre CF:

    taken in May 2005, when Lumi was three.

  4. Elena,

    LR Julia is one of the few AK descendants of Ibn Ralf, who has no remaining representatives in the straight Davenport group. The Davenports I breed trace mostly to Bint Ralf, a full sibling. Palisades CF is by Plantagenet (as is Cinnabar CF) and out of Bint Ralf, photos here:

    I don’t know what the additional Babson and Blunt influence will do to the type, but I have been curious about this group of horses as long as I’ve known about them. Do you have any photographs to share?

  5. The tail female Roda in AK is still out there from another source, SA Moriah see here family here from the AK Data:

    SA Moriah was acquired by Jean Campbell here in Michigan who produced her two daughters C-F Mercedes and CF Sienna both by Tuhotmos. The link above shows how this family has progressed.

  6. Hi Anita and once again thank you for more information about my beloved mare. I think I have three photos, but they’re in the States.
    I was never good about taking photos. What I can tell you about Julia is that she had an extraordinary, uncanny mind. We were deeply connected and trusted each other completely. She demanded respect at all times and her respect had to be earned–unless you were a child; then she went into mother mode. She was sweet, but I wouldn’t call her docile. She was fiery and safe at the same time.

  7. Does anyone here know of a breeder named M.S. Harris and where he or she might be located and contacted? Julia had a sister, Jane (I believe) and M.S. Harris has two offspring from Jane.

  8. Ambar,

    I thought you and Anita were one and the same. Sorry. I have discovered 6 Al Khamsa horses for sale in Peoria. One is LR Jane daughter. Another: Bonnie Jour out of Bint Oberon by Bon Jour CF. They all seem to be part of the group you are interested in. Tried to send you e mail but contact link wasn’t working. Link for horses is:

  9. Ambar,

    Lumi is too cute. She looks like she’s off to do some serious shopping–like for a hat or something. Lustre I know. She looks like Julia but with red in her mane and tail. Julia’s tail and mane were silver and grey.
    Thanks for those photos.

  10. M S Harris is Mary Sue Harris. If you have Al Khamsa Arabians III, she and her husband Randall have an ad in there, as Jadah Arabians. They live in Peoria, Illinois.

    Maxxum CF we bred, from the dam line of Brimstone, and he is a lovely horse. Alice Martin has him at Springfield, Illinois.

    I can send you her cell phone privately.

  11. I meant Mary Sue’s cell…. duh!

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