Hakem, the young stallion of Ibn Ufaytan (2)

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 27th, 2008 in Syria

This picture of Hakem, the young stallion that is the subject of a previous blog entry, is long overdue. He is pictured at the growthy age of two years old, and in racing condition, so don’t expect to see a show horse, but rather look at the features that make for a good desert-bred arabian horse: big eyes, fine midbah (throat), tiny muzzle, triangular shape of the head, sculpted, inward-turning ears, well sloped shoulder, long neck, high withers, shiny skin, deep girth, short, straight back, etc. There is also the flowing action, and electrifying presence, which the picture does not render. In short, I think this horse has it all. Give him time to mature and you’ll see. These creatures are not complete before they are six or even seven years old. They mature very slowly.

He reminds me a bit of the pictures of the desert bred stallions *Hamrah, imported as a young stallion to the USA in 1906 by Homer Davenport.

It seems that, shorly after the visit during which I took this picture, some people from Damascus came and bought the horse. He is now being used as a stallion. Is a good horse ever going to be left in the desert? 

 Hakem, a Ma\'naghi Hadraji bred by Ibn \'Ufaytan of Shammar

4 Responses to “Hakem, the young stallion of Ibn Ufaytan (2)”

  1. You are right about the resemblance to *Hamrah, I think. The quality of this colt is obvious, despite his youth.

  2. I investigate in Damascus about Hakem to cover a mare of mine .He never leave the Djezireh ,half of Hakem was bought by Abu Merwane Karkura( a friend of mine) ,from Damascus,but he let him in the Djezirah for endurance races training.Sadly the horse died electrocuted !

  3. No progeny? Didn’t Basil use him, or just wanted to use him?

  4. I think that Basil used another Hadraji stallion to cover his mares.But I will ask him.

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