Lost asil tail-females: *Kola

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 18th, 2009 in France, USA

In a recent post, I was expressing the hope that *Kola, the Arabian mare of French bloodlines imported by W.R. Brown to the USA in 1921, had left some living asil progeny. If that was the case, I had proposed to submit a proposal for her inclusion in the Al Khamsa Roster. It now looks like I was being too optimistic. 

Jeanne Craver was too kind to go through the progeny of *Kola in the AHA Datasource, and just told me that nothing is left that would be otherwise Al Khamsa eligible (i.e., Al Khamsa + *Kola). Everything was “completely wiped out in the *Raffles/*Raseyn movement of the 60s”, wrote Jeanne. Not only is there nothing left from *Kola’s two daughters Fath and Fadih, but nothing remains either from her influential son Kolastra (by Gulastra), and his own son Chepe Noyon (out of Guemura). What a shame.. 

The mare Hallaba, b. 1970, by HMR Haltak (who by the way also carries rare lines which I think were recently lost to Al Khamsa) was one of the last asil mares carrying a line to *Kola, through Chepe Noyon. Take a look at her stunning pedigree here.


One more line gone down the drain.

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  1. Must be Alert the Owner (Hallaba,)

  2. A long time ago (mid 1980s) Dorothy Feldman wrote me a letter with the extended pedigree of Kola wondering if she could be Al Khamsa. I did not know anything more than others at the time otherwise I would have gladly proposed her. Dorothy bred mainly Al Khamsa but she and Ellie Prince also owned an old bay stallion named Khizan sired by the Babson stallion Khebir (Fadl x Bint Bint Sabbah) and out of Fizana, who was by Zarife and out of a Nasr daughter out of a Saragon daughter out of Kola, all else being already Al Khamsa. Ironically the last foal of old Khizan was born in 1976 out of the Al Khamsa Babson Turfa mare Shar Anna. The resulting foal was a mare named SG Khizanna. She has no offspring and is listed as a “yeld.” in the datasource. So if circumstances were different this 1976 mare might still had a chance to preserve the Kola female line in Al Khamsa but sadly it was not to be.

  3. I saw Khizan and his owners as I was researching this, and was hopeful that something might be left. We have benefited much from Edouard’s pushing on us to thing more broadly about bloodlines. What a shame that it has come too late for many lines.

    Well, all we can do is soldier on, and do the best we can!

  4. How sad, especially that *Kola’s blood was linked to such great ones as Khebir, *Zarife, and *Nasr. A bit like the mare *Aire (Ali x Raira) from Argentina, but *Aire was luckier. The female line to *Zaale still survives in France, but I am not sure of the purity of its descendants at this stage.

    What was interesting about *Kola is that the mare left France at the time these lines were still “clean”.

  5. Edouard,

    I really enjoy your blog and love the Arabian horse. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    I wanted to let you know that the *Kola line is not completely lost. My mare, JAL Patrice, traces to *Kola in tail female.

    Scottsdale, AZ

  6. Edouard,
    I happened to Google *Kola, and found your blog. *Kola is the 8th dam of our foundation mare, Bint Buena Suerte, acquired in 1971, and we have bred that mare line for nearly four decades.

    Jan Senneker
    Avatar Arabians

  7. I seen on another site where someone was questioning whether this mare was purebred, he also listed what he says are foundation breeders that “had reservations” about this mare. Have you ever heard this and why did they questions her lines?
    from another site

    “Her names has long been talked about. No less than Margaret Shuey of Sunny Acres, Mrs. Morrill of Bear Claw Ranch, Alice Payne, Asil Arabians,and Jimmy and Thelma Dean had reservations about her. They used her in their lines and in most cases, removed her rather rapidly. Obviously there were breeders who did use her.I think it became an issue due to French lines having used so many Anglos.
    There was equal concern re Nurreddin from Crabbet

  8. Those who question her did not have enough information about her ancestors at the time. Yes, French breeders used to breed both Arabians and Anglo-arabians, but at the time she was bred, there were no incentives to cheat. All her ancestors are desert-bred arabians imported by the French government, and her type is consistent with this.

  9. Eduoard, Is the Khizan in my mare’s registration the same as the one spoke of here? The next horse in the next generation was Khizah and then Rufah who sired Hallany Rufah 1991-0013 AIR (my mare’s dam). I would imagine that is why I am having a hard time tracing her dam’s side in Al-Khamsa. Has anyone ever heard of Dankah, Zante, Wildwind Zana, Wild Wind Zara, Bint Sur, or Sur Pasha. What a frustrating ordeal this has become but I am learniing alot, LOL! How prevalent were mis-spellings in the records?

  10. You are not looking at horses that are in the Al Khamsa spectrum. Mis-spelled names in the studbooks are extremely rare.

  11. Wendy,

    if you input your mare’s pedigree as you know it at http://allbreedpedigree.com and then give us the link, maybe that will help clarify the issue.

  12. Ah, I see. Rufah’s dam line goes to a mare with multiple lines to Skowronek, Wendy, so his descendants are not Al Khamsa.

  13. Thanks everyone for your help. I have found the mystery hprses. She is not Al-Khamsa because of one distant horse who had raseyn in their pedigree. The is also a distant relative who has raffles. Disappointing to say the least. The other disappointing issue is that her dam was not dna’d so not even AHR registerable, after IAHRONA went defunct she is now not registered. Oh well, she has an amazing collage of very special horses and I will carry her traits on by 1/2 arab foals, possibly. Thanks Eduoard and all the members of this forum. This site is a truly remarkable site.

  14. Greetings, Eduoard,

    I wanted to let you know that a Botswana daughter, GP Beyonce (who you can see on our website) is Saglawiyah Jidraniyah to Zaale, through Kola’s daughter Fadih. So another descendant of the Kola/Zaale line is very much alive and well and will be at the 2011 Egyptian Event with us!

    My best,

    Allison Mehta-Westley

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