*Bint Rajwa to be submitted to the Al Khamsa Roster

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 25th, 2010 in USA

[November 1 2010, update from Edouard: The last two otherwise Al Khamsa eligible descendents of *Bint Rajwa have died. There is no point proposing *Bint Rajwa for inclusion in the Al Khamsa Roster]

I want to submit a proposal to include the mare *Rajwa and the stallion Karawane in the Al Khamsa Roster before this coming November. I have already written about *Rajwa here. She was a grey desert-bred mare of the Saqlawi “Ejrifi” (not a recognizable marbat, probably a spelling mistake) mare imported by W.R. Hearst in 1947, along with her daughter *Bint Rajwa. Her son *El Abiad was also imported to the USA at a later time. Both by the Lebanese-bred asil stallion Karawane (Ghazwane x a Ma’naqiyah).

*Bint Rajwa had a daughter in the USA, Gulastra Raajiah by  Gulastra. That daughter in turn had a son, Sheik Hallany by Hallany Mistanny (Zarife x Roda by Mansour).

There are two horses potentially alive who  closely trace to *Bint Rajwa, although not in the tail female: a 1988 mare, TCR Hallany Idol (by Sheikh Hallany x TCR Kassandra 1979, who was by Kazmeen Ibn Shiko out TCR Saantanny, also by Sheikh Hallany, so two crosses to *Bint Rajwa there); and a 1989 stallion, TCR Fa Hallany (by TCR Mista Rousse, who is a grandson of Sheik Hallany through his dam TCR Saantanny, out of TCR Kaatanny, by Kamaal El Shiko out TCR Saatanny, by Sheik Hallany, so two crosses to *Bint Rajwa too).

If both could be located (first if), if both were alive (second if), if both proved fertile (third if), if both could be leased or acquired or somehow worked with (fourth if), and both were bred to each other to produce a living foal (final if), then it would make for a nice preservation project, for four close crosses to *Bint Rajwa. It is something I would like to try.

By the way, below is a picture of a pretty great-grand-daughter of Sheik Hallany: Sharaya SF (Ibn Morafic x Shikos Valentina, by Shiko Ibn Sheik out of Lanzia, by Sheik Hallany out of Anzia). She traces to the Davenport import *Abeyah in the tail female, but carries one distant line (ugh!) to the non-asil Skowronek through Abu Farwa.

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  1. I meant to comment before but got distracted–I don’t think *Karawane was imported by Hearst.

    According to the printed stud book (in some ways a more complete record than Datasource) he was not imported until 1951 (the Hearst importation was 1947) and the importer was F.E. Mars, The Plains, VA. I realize this doesn’t change anything about the *Rajwa project you outline here but I wanted to complete the record.

    There’s probably an interesting story to how *El Abiad got to Virginia.

  2. Rats. I thought I’d corrected that, in the first sentence it should be *El Abiad, not his sire Karawane.

  3. Edouard, have you ever heard of a book called Al Tarik Al Kuyul Arabi written by Ibn Hamza in 614H?

  4. you mean Tarikh al-Khuyul al-Arabiyah?

  5. Perhaps some of the California-based readers could make inquiries about TCR Hallany Idol and TCR Fa Hallany and try to track them down. Ambar, Anita, Michael – how ’bout it?

  6. And while you’re at it, you might as well ask about Cealie and Aliziz, the *Lebnaniah descendants! 🙂


  7. Abu Farwa also has lines to El Emir and Ishtar. Another topic?

  8. Hmm.. I was wondering who was going to comment on this first! I thought it might be you…

  9. Yes, Tarikh al-Khuyul al-Arabiyah, has this book been translated? I have tried to read some of it and had some friends try to translate it but they cannot. A friend did 8 pages and it was written by Abdallah Hamza for his father, it contains breeding information from the Yemeni tribes and at the end, there is poetry written by the knights for their horses. My husband can some of it, he is a Yemeni native, (from Geyfa a tribe in Radaa, Yemen) but no one seems to be able to translate this book that is all about Arabian horses.
    I have tried to translate it myself, (machine) but it makes no sense. I was able to dicipher though, that one part of it speaks about breeding, and the horse’s colors/characteristics, et. My husband can only read some of it. If I could get more info on the names of the people, tribes, I could make some sense of it.

    I know that Hofstra University, Dan Varisco (who has been to Yemen and headed the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, has a copy also), but no translations.
    This book may have some very valuable information historically regarding the horses.

    I would appreciate any information you have regarding it.

    Please advise and thank you for any help.

  10. No, I am not aware of it, I am afraid. But I will be glad to help in any way I can, Christine, and I will get in touch with you privately.

  11. I just heard back from Vicky Cassida, the owner of the two *Bint Rajwa horses TCR Fa Hallany and TCR Hallanys Idol. The first one was gelded and sold in 2002 and the second one suffered a colic and died in 2004. No mention of whether they left otherwise Al Khamsa elibible progeny..

  12. Not sure of this but would be interesting to know, there was a TH Fa Hallany here in NH, USA bay,4 white socks in the mid/late 70’s; had been aquired by Margaret T. Leffertts. I rode him as a young horse 4yrs., I have a pic somewhere. May be of some descendent…Would like to know the TH part of this horse’s name.

    Would also like to know more of a stud here in NH, “Awaj”, owned by Liz Young Warner,NH.

  13. very interesting information thank you very much kim! will follow up on it

  14. El Abiad:
    I suppossedly had a 1/2 arab sired by him. Apparently someone in Ohio had him for service. My mare was foaled in 1968; Possibly a quarter horse dam.
    In pre computer days as a teenager, I found that El Abiad came out of Syria and was imported by F. E. Mars and was in The Plains, virginia. I think he was utilized as a race horse.
    I believe there is an old article in the “Arabian Horse News” about the policitical situation around 1947 which lead to Arabian Horse enthusiasts such as Mars and Hearst to go and rescue some of the lineage.
    I can’t find my old horse on all pedigree.com.
    Her name was Abiads Huda. She had a foal by Herf Ara Lightning; aka H.A.lightning. I name him Rajwane; doesn’t make Arabic sense but at 17 or so I wanted to use something from the pedigree: Raja & karawane.
    I guess that could be” Prince od the Caravan” .
    I’m now 56 and horseless. Still love my special ones like Zip Cohise from El Dorado.

  15. Do you want to be horseful again Rose? There are a number of nice horses of pure bloodlines currently waiting for good homes!

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