My beloved Tuwayysa mare

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 18th, 2017 in Lebanon

My friend  and former colleague Frauke Wiprich went on a trip to Syria in 2009. In Palmyra, her guide told her his cousin owned a stud of Arabian horses near Homs, and arrange for her to visit it. There, by pure coincidence, she was shown my beautiful Halima (registered as Al Tuwayssa in the Lebanese Studbook), and took these pictures. I am blessed to have them.

She was the last Lebanese Arabian mare of authentic bloodline. A daughter of Malek, out of a daughter of Radwan, out a chestnut Tuwayssah mare from the Syrian desert, most probably from a ‘Anazah tribe.


7 Responses to “My beloved Tuwayysa mare”

  1. Lovely mare. She reminds me of Marayah!

  2. yes exactly they really have the same style and general air to them

  3. Beautiful neck Edouard, I’ll bet she bridled up quite nicely.
    Bruce Peek

  4. very nice mare and look at those beautiful eyes and large nostrils-so much very good about her…

  5. So lovely Edouard! She reminds me of Belle.

  6. Agree with Jeannie and Jenny. The style is wonderful.

  7. Here is she at a filly and a young mare:

    yes, she looks a bit like Belle. My father thought so too.

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