2006 Article on Shammar tribe in Iraq from French newspaper

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 28th, 2012 in General, Iraq

Somehow I missed this 6 years old article on the Shammar of Iraq in French weekly Paris-Match newspaper, which is translated into English here. I wish I could find the original, so I can see the photos, especially that one: [PHOTO CAPTION (page 74): Proud of belonging to a dynasty of glorious horsemen, Sheikh Abdullah shows us a purebred Arab, one of the twenty horses in his personal stud farm.]


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  1. the articles contains many mistakes by the way. Among those i caught in a cursory was the attribution of the name Samarai to the tribe of Shammar, while it is to the city of Samarra, and the translation of “takfiri” as ‘non-believer’, while a takfiri is of course the one who declares others to be non-believers.

  2. Nevertheless a very interesting article. I’m utterly amazed that European press has been publishing NOTHING about what the Kurds have been planning & their role in the Syrian conflict – I imagine even less will be found in the press in the USA considering their support role. Edouard, do you know in what the Shammar are involved already or not in the conflict. Even if they can only muster half the force the sheikh is boasting, they could turn the tide for either side. Here in Europe the press has been announcing support of the Saudis and Emirates against the Syrian regime but apparently it is the opposite (which sounds logical, the Saudis and Emirates have no reason to support Kurds on huge oil reserves to get an export exit directly in the mediteranean. How are the Anazeh positioned, if I remember correctly they were the old enemies of the Shammar – are they expected to side with the Kurds in the conflict?

  3. Most of the Bedouin tribes are staying neutral by and large. The leaders are supporting the regime, but still keeping good relations with Gulf countries, which are actively supporting the rebels.

  4. Again thanks, very interesting!

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