A Bedouin poem about ‘Arar ibn Shahwan, owner of the Dahman strain

By Pure Man

Posted on November 22nd, 2009 in Arabia, General, Saudi

Click on the YouTube link below to listen to a story and poem (in Arabic) about ‘Arar ibn Shahwan, the original owner (ra’i) of the marbat of Dahman Shahwan. The audio was prepared by Sa’d al-Hafi al-‘Utaybi.

‘Arar is the from the very noble and ancient Dhayaghim clan of the Abidah section of the Qahtan Bedouin tribe. The poem records an episode of the Dhayaghim saga, when this clan and others left their original home of Wadi Tathlith in Southern Arabia after a sequence of severe droughts, and moved northwards to settle in the mountains around the central Arabian town of Hail, which were then inhabited by Tai tribes and were known as Jabal Tai. There the Dhayaghim and other southern clans merged with some Tai tribes to form the core of the Shammar confederation, which gave Jabal Tai it’s new name: Jabal Shammar. By the way, the Ibn Rashid ruling clan of the Shammar of Jabal Shammar traces to the Dhayaghim clan.

17 Responses to “A Bedouin poem about ‘Arar ibn Shahwan, owner of the Dahman strain

  1. Edouard, thank you for continually stretching our minds!

  2. That’s Pure Man, I just translated what he wrote to me..

  3. I’m sorry, thank you, Pure Man for providing the text and link, and thank Edouard for offering the opportunity for this!

  4. Dear Pure Man and Edouard,
    I would like to thank both of you for the very useful information you provide on the Arabian horse strains, and pure man thanks for the nice poet, that is very pure Bedouin, even some arabs needs translation 😉

    I come from Jordan and I know for a fact that most of the tribes of Jordan were Ghazo tribes, Bani Sakher, Al-Howeitat, etc… being worriers they need to have horses, nowadays we can see horses all around in the south and they seem to me as Aseel horses, although I’m sure those are not registerd in any organization.

    Especially Al-Howitat they are all around in South Jordan, northwest of Saudi and Naqab desert in Palestine, I’m sure those tribes has kept special strains, do you have any idea about their horses?


  5. The Bisharat horses of Egypt (Beshier, Badria, Ward) are from that area..

  6. I would like to learn more about these horses. A friend of ours got some and took them to Germany and bred them there. The German registries refused to take them, but Hans Peter was stubborn about it and bred some very nice horses. I don’t know if he has any left now.

  7. Jeanne, you mean he got some horses straight from Jordan to Germany?

  8. Yes…. This is the person who facilitating the exportation to Sweden of Wahhabit’s dam, Delicate Air. Another mare in the exportation was Subeita, and she had a daughter end up in Tunisia, I believe. My memory could be off, so I would have to double check!

  9. Also the Sheikh of the Rowala tribe from the Sha’lan family lives in Jordan I’m sure he keeps fine horses somewhere in their area in the desert (North East), I will investigate when I go back home and shall inform you.


  10. Bassam,

    Unfortunately the Sha’lan leaders of the Ruwalah in Jordan don’t keep any desert bred asil horses anymore.. their horses are eahvily crossed with English Thoroughbreds and other horses..

  11. Many thanks Edouard.

    I have another question about the Menaky strain, I read some articles saying that those horses are not pure Arabians, is this true?

    Also what do you think of the horses in Iraq and what are the difference between them and horses of Najd and Hijaz?

  12. The short answer to your questions is that Ma’naqis are as asil and authentic and pure as other strains, in my opinion. The long answer is much longer.

    Iraq has a lot of horses of different kinds, some are pure and many are not. Most of the horses registered in the current Iraqi studbook accepted by WAHO are not pure.

  13. Thank you.

  14. dear Edouard, through out history Palestine was known for its great asil arabians. Palestinians with all their troubles they face, probably have more in numbers of quality desert asil arabians than all the other Arab countries. We have all strains,Abiat, Makhladait, Kbaishat, Swaitat, Hudub, Jilf,and Kuhalat.On the right hand side of the page you see all these countries except Palestine the cradle of the Arabian horse ,and not to forget that the straight Egyptian horse of Mohammad Ali acquired from the Deserts of Palestine and Arabia. I have pictures and videos and information to prove it.You think these horses look good till you see the palestinians. that will answer a part of Bassam Question about Al Naqab.

  15. hi marwan are you the gentleman joe ferriss met at the egyptian event? if yes we should we talking!

  16. yes , I will be honored.

  17. you are welcome to call me, my number is on my website.

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