A historic Ottoman house in Aleppo before and after…

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 7th, 2013 in General

6 Responses to “A historic Ottoman house in Aleppo before and after…”

  1. c’est moche sans compter les morts et les blessés.C’était une très belle demeure.J’espère quand tout cela sera terminé,qu’il y aura une reconstruction du maximum des villes à l’identique comme dans certaines grandes villes européennes après le 2ème guerre mondiale et pas Des bâtiments infâmes et sans âme.

  2. Historic buildings, people, asil horses, … none unfortunately matter for the current players.

    It’s the price to complete the Dortyol oilpipe-mine from Kurdistan to the mediterranean. They (French & British interest) have already completed the oilpipe line up-to the border with Syria and must be starting to loose patience.

    The Kurdisch general of the “rebels” was in Brussels this week gathering the British & French support for heavy weapons (already assigned when they negotiated the oildeal). It’s probably a matter of time now before Assad has to accept the Kurdish zone allowing passage for the pipe-line

    Don’t worry Edouard, Aleppo is located in the Kurdish-Syrian freezone, the Kurds will have plenty of money from their oildeals to reconstruct the city. The Kurds will even get hold of most of the Syrian oilfields which are located in Kurdish-Syria – probably leaving the rest of Syria empty handed

    Of course, history is not completely written yet …

    The Turcs must realise by now they have been played and I’m really curious what they will do next … remain a loyal NATO doggy allowing passage of heavy arms to the Kurds (which they can be sure to resurface later to free Turkish-Kurdistan) or decide Assad is better neighbour after-all than a rich Kurdistan …

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful home.

  4. Yes, a tragedy. But if only it were only the buildings….

  5. French & British have forgot very soon how they left Anatolia. Don’t worry about the Turks. We haven’t survived purely by chance over the centurys against the crusaders. 🙂

  6. I read this morning in a newsarticle that the French & British declared at the EU not to wait official position of EU and NATO to start exporting weapons to the Kurd rebels

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