A query on the stallion El Sbaa

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 7th, 2013 in General

I have previously written twice and in some detail about the desert-bred stallion El Sbaa imported to France in the 1920s (here and here). It turns out that the strain of the horse is Kuhaylan J’aitni (that’s from his file at Pompadour) and that he was purchased by French Inspector Rieu de Madron from Ahmad Ibish’s stables in Alexandria (that’s from de Madron’s book).

The wiki website Allbreedpedigree.com has his dam as “El Ghermith A Kuhaylah Juatany” and his sire as a “Maneghi Sbyeli”. Does anyone know where this specific information comes from? do we know his breeder?

Also Teymur made the interesting suggestion that he might be the El Sabaa sire of Hamdan Stables’ El Gadaa, who appears in Hamdan’s studbook.


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  1. ! Interesting!

  2. Arnault or Adrien, did you put this reference to his strain in all allbreedpedigree?

  3. Hello Edouard, in the old French Stud Books (which as you know were similar to GSB, Arabians had a separate section) very often there is a note related to provenance, either strain names of sire and/or dam, and sometimes which tribe they were from. El Sbaa’s entry in SBF Volume 20 page 89 states (bearing in mind phonetic translation from Arabic to French): “EL SBAA – H.N. AL. Ne en Syrie en 1920 – importe en 1925, Son pere: De race Maanaki Sebili. Sa mere: de race El Gheetmieh.” “H.N.” means Haras Nationaux and “AL.” means Alezan ie chestnut. Even though he may have been purchased in Alexandria, it is for me more than doubtful he could logically have been the sire of El Gadaa, who would have had to be born in 1925 or maybe 1926 at the latest due to the export date of El Sbaa, that is if you look at the years that El Gadaa’s recorded foals were born in the 1960’s (first in 1961, last in 1968). El Sbaa’s first foals in France were registered in 1927, with a total of 47 registered Arabians up to the year 1933.

  4. Thank you very much Keena. That clears it. I will also look him up in the Egyptian racing records.

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