Al Khamsa Board unanimously votes in favor of inclusion of the three Tahawi mares in the AK Roster

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 10th, 2010 in Egypt

Yesterday, the Al Khamsa Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposal submitted by Joe Ferriss to include the three mares Folla, Fotna, and Bint Barakat in the Al Khamsa Roster. The three mares were bred by the Tahawi tribes and sold to Ahmad Hamza of Hamdan Stables. On Saturday, the general assembly of Al Khamsa will be taking a vote on these three mares, in the next step towards their final inclusion in the Al Khamsa Roster.

7 Responses to “Al Khamsa Board unanimously votes in favor of inclusion of the three Tahawi mares in the AK Roster”

  1. Great news! Right decision. Mabrouk to all of us.

  2. This morning, the Al Khamsa Advisory Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of adding the Tahawi mares to the roster.So, the proposal has passed its first year. Halfway there!

  3. Wonderful news, thanks for the update Jenny. You all must be having a great time in Lexington..

  4. I must admit, I did not know the above were not already in Al Khamsa. Strange to assume, realizing nothing.

    The Hamdan Stables Catalog was a wonderful book that
    Richard gave me to read and see years ago, perhaps 45 years ago?

    The other posting with the white markings, many, some, of the Davenports have such markings as did the Blue Stars.
    My stallion Rafaar, years ago had alot of white, a Pritzlaff bred horse.

    The photo of the white mare was really interesting as was the reading, I assume much, as I gather, you took the photo? I often wonder about the Camera, year taken, as to distortion. The photo was at a good distance as I saw little distortion. Lovely photo of what appeared, a lovely mare.

    Speaking of a lovely mare, I hope you get the great one in foal soon to her son?


  5. He does look a lot like Tripoli, indeed.

    Yes, I took the photo of that Khallawiyah mare in the early 1990s, with a traditional (non digital) Nikon camera and 50mm zoom. I rode the mare bareback after I took the photo. She was a superior mare, and a great mover, which did not produce her equal, although one of her grand-daughters looks like her.

    The plan is indeed to use Tantris on Wisteria for the coming year. Both are SCID clear.. Right now, we seem to be having some trouble getting the other one, Dakhala Sahra, the Ma’naqiyah, in foal.

  6. We had a wonderful convention, and all of us missed you…
    If it is at all possible, please get yourself to Lexington to see the “Gift from the Desert” exhibit at the Museum of the Horse before it closes in early October. It is without exaggeration a world-class exhibit with priceless treasures — e.g., the Standard of Ur, on loan from the British Museum. I was in awe.

  7. There is a very good stallion out there HHP Kamil! That would create a wonderful foal to your mare Dakhala Sahra.

    Wonderful Stallion! 2002 B 0592643
    Am sure the registry knows where he is. My daughter Mori
    has a mare by him.


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