Amazing 1922 video footage from Crabbet

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 2nd, 2012 in General

This afternoon, Jeanne Craver some of us this wonderful footage of Crabbet stallions in 1922 (click here) . Nasik and Raseem are featured among others. I have watched four times already. What a delight to see these stallions moving. I really want to know who the second stallion in the circle is, the one with the high tail carriage.



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  1. My Oh My Oh My!! What a great treasure! Must share on facebook but will give credit where credit is due for sure!!

    Thank you Edouard and Jeanne.

    Any chance you guys can point me to an on line version of the Hearst Imports video?

  2. I saw the link on Facebook, and just went there. Don’t credit me for anything except enjoyment! There are other interesting old Arabian links on there. Other interesting old links, in general!

  3. The Pathe newreel goes on to claim Skowroneks pedigree can be traced back over two hundred years…Oh really? Did Lady Wentworth tell them he was an Abbas pasha horse or what? She did state such in one of her books.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. In a private exchange with Jeanne and I, RJ Cadranell has suggested the date the video was shot was probably summer 1925, and has identified most of the horses in the video.

  5. So who is the stallion you mentioned, Edouard?

  6. He seems to think it’s Hazzam (Berk x Hilmyeh).

  7. I think the first group is a parade of four young Skowronek sons, first Naseem, then *Raswan, Rissaal, and Rangoon, followed by a mature grey at the rear, probably the desert bred *Mirage.

    The next group is a circle of Blunt stallions. I believe Raseem is in the lead, followed by *Nasik, Hazzam, *Nureddin II, Rafeef, and finally Shareer.

    What carriage and presence those Blunt stallions had. Mary Jane Parkinson’s book on the Kellogg Ranch includes Lady Anne Lytton’s recollection of Hazzam: “I owned him for a time and rode him daily. He is one of the best of the Crabbet stallions and almost overlooked, and he had superb action. A dappled bay horse, very level on the quarters and high set tail. I won a riding class at Richmond, consisting of 18 entries, on Hazzam.” Lady Wentworth’s description of him is “A showy level backed horse with high set & well carried tail & good curve of neck. Profile straight, forehead broad, eyes large. Dancing action.”

  8. Can’t wait to look at this….I can’t on my steam powered internet at home..

    ‘Profile straight, forehead broad, eyes large’… oh! that that would be enough to be accepted as a good head today…
    ‘ridden daily’ even better…

    I have the ’53 and ’54 (?) Crabbet video just lovely, some real ground eating movement on display, just crying out for a saddle.

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