Another quote from the Barazi book that you will hear about in the future

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 12th, 2012 in General

Page 133, where he discusses big race-horse stables at the Beirut racetrack:

“Walking on the footsteps of H.R.H. Prince Mansour [son of King Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud, and the owner of a large stable at the Beirut racetrack] is his brother H.R.H. Prince Badr ibn Saud, who launched his own stables in Beirut, which brought together a nucleus of the best horses; [his stud] will grow and prosper because of his efforts, which we thank. Good results [i.e., in the races] have begun to show. The stars among his horses have begun to rise, and among these Namnum and Balaybil and Sawlajan, and others. God willing, they will be followed by others among the best of his horses.”

 Barazi was a very cautious and diplomatic writer who made sure he never angered anyone, and you have to read between the lines. The words “nucleus”, “stars among his horses”, “among the best of his horses” leave no doubt to the fact that he had other, less good, less authentic horses beyond the “nucleus”, the “stars” and the “best of his horses”, who, how to put it, were not so reputable.

Another thing: you will hear more about this Balaybil, once I have done my due diligence on him. This may take years. Or it may take days.

2 Responses to “Another quote from the Barazi book that you will hear about in the future”

  1. seems like this gift has already produced gems. It is interesting that in the Egyptian Inshass Herd book, the stallion El Galabi was a gift from Prince Mansour Al-Sa’ud so perhaps this stallion came from Prince Mansour’s stud in Beirut rather than from KSA.

    Also the name Balaybil rang a bell of familiarity for me as this is the name of the sire of the Saudi imported mare Sindidah. Sindidah is a very important ancestor in many Saudi straight desert bred horses here in North America. I don’t know if it is the same horse though. Perhaps your research will confirm.

  2. You got it, Joe… It is the same horse indeed… I have information from sources in Saudi Arabian in this regard.

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