Asil Bahraini Horses at the EAO

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 16th, 2012 in Bahrain, Egypt

Someone from the EAO contacted me and asked me (nicely) to remove these two posts. I have a good relation with EAO management that’s based on mutual trust, so I have agreed. We will be taking that discussion off-line and starting a constructive dialogue on the future role the EAO sees for these Bahraini stallions. I will keep readers posted on how this dialogue evolves. Comments will stay because they are the readers’.


11 Responses to “Asil Bahraini Horses at the EAO”

  1. His coat appears very fine and shining.

  2. And of course he’s got legs- wonderful bone. Plus his thigh and,’pants,’ muscle extend way down below his stifle into his gaskin. These are the very strengths that so many new Eygyptians need help with.
    Sameh and Sid Abouhman(sp) both came about from crossing desert obtained stock into the existing eao herd. Many of their get were very good movers and had decent structure, something the Kuhaylan Nafees stallion could indeed help with, as well with broadening the genetic base of the now quite closely bred eao genepool.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. Didnt Philippe Paraskevas use one of the Bahraini stallions with good results?

  4. Yes Keena, he did purchase the offspring of one of the Bahraini stallions from Mrs. Barbari, although it is not the pictured here, and he is one of the free thinkers I was talking about.

  5. I am very happy that the Rulers of Bahrain did not use outside stallions on their Asil mares as did the Rulers in Jordan.

    I like this Bahrain stallion that is currently in UK visiting.

  6. I liked him too Bassam, and I especially liked his facial bone structure in the third picture.

  7. Neither the Asil club or the Pyramid society are known for supporting and espousing the breeding of doing horses in a real concrete way, like for example the way the AERC does. As long as those organisations can benefit from producing baby faced toys they will marginalize the Bahrainy Jellaby and Tamry horses. People should boycot the use of halter stallions to breed from period!
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  8. Hello Edouard – do you have the registered names (as in Bahrain studbook) of the 2 gifted mares you mentioned, and do you know which one died, also if the other has had any foals at EAO by their own stallions? Thank you.

  9. That is what I would like to know as well?? Is there anuthing left or is she alive?

  10. masan (habdan enzahi) est il considéré comme pur ?

  11. Bonjour,

    Non. Le pere de Masan ainsi que sa grand mere maternelle le sont, oui, mais pas ses autres antecedents et son grand pere Haladin en particulier. Le mere de Haladin, Jadine est la fille d’un etalon Egyptien pur, Jasir.. ainsi que le pere de la mere de Jadine, Dynamit (pur aussi) mais il y a un vrai probleme concernant Dardziling, le pere de la mere de la grand mere maternelle de Haladin. Sur Dardziling, voir l’ouvrage de Foppe Klynstra, Nobility of the Desert.
    En remontant le pedigree de Dardziling jusqu’a Rymnik entre autres, (Rymnik est aussi le grand pere paternel de Skowronek), vous verrez apparaitre les noms de Szumka II, qui est un anglo arabe, le fils d’une jument Thoroughbred. Ceci est bien documente par U. Guttman (1955). Bien sur les pedigrees sur allbreed on ete manipules pour ne pas laisser de traces.

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