*Mahraa (Ubayyan)

Muhaira db by a desert bred Hamdani imported to the USA from Ibn Jiluwi out of Mahraa db, strain Obeyyan from Ibn Jalawi

       Nauwas by Al Khobar (Ibn Fadl /Al Hamdaniyah db)

               Hisani Jalam by Jalam al Ubayyan db

       Al Felluje c. by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

       Muhairon c. by Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

       Ibn Muhaira c. By Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db)

       Bint Muhaira f. by Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

                Sharifa Abkar by Famaje (Ibn Fadl/Al Asmaje)

                        El Rabih by Al Felluje (Ibn Fadl/Muhaira db)

              Hilaala f. by Ibn Fadl (Fadl/Turfa db) 

                        Carmellah f. By El Danjah (El Hamdan/Al Fellujah)

       Fanaira f. by Fanifeh (Munifan db/Munifeh db)

              Sirfana f. by Sirecho (Nasr/Exochorda)

              Sinaira f. by Sirecho(Nasr/Exochorda)

              Fairecho f. by Sirecho(Nasr/Exochorda)

              Fain by Fanifeh(Munifan db/Munifeh db)

3 Responses to “*Mahraa (Ubayyan)”

  1. Are there any pictures of Mahraa? I saw one at one time, but it was at great distance, and she was on alert looking at possible danger. It was not a flattering pose.

  2. Edward, have you ever seen a picture of her?

  3. no, never.

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