Black Sambo, 1956 Saqlawi Jadran stallion, and Fejr, 1911 Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah mare

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 14th, 2013 in General


Black Sambo (Mahroun x Biroufa by Khebir) was the sire of the two Managhi Sbayli mares Milanne and Velours who are the source of the asil Ferida tail female in the USA, through the excellent mare Fejr (Rijm x Feluka out of Ferida), also photo below. You’ve go to love that powerful Crabbet hindquarter on Fejr.

10 Responses to “Black Sambo, 1956 Saqlawi Jadran stallion, and Fejr, 1911 Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah mare”

  1. Looks like Black Sambo was no slouch in that department either!

  2. Black Sambo’s skull was part of the skull collection we donated to the Carnegie Natural History Museum in Pittsburgh, thanks to Carol Schulz.

  3. I’ve never seen this photo of Black Sambo, but saw his daughter Black Satin at Gail Hoff Carmona’s in 1984: WOW — that motion is no mistake…peas in a pod! Thank you for sharing all this Edouard, and for bringing to light the tail-female Ferida horses. In my humble experience, they are exemplary individuals over and over in person.

  4. That’s a handsome foal with Fejr. Any idea who it is?

  5. No. Would you know?

  6. According to Dr Gazder that’s Ferhan.

  7. I seem to remember seeing Black Sambo when I was a kid. Was he owned by someone in Walla Walla, Wash.? I can’t remember if we went to a farm to see him or if he was at an Arabian show as there used to be a large one every year in Walla Walla.

  8. if black sambo was around today i’d seriously consider him for my mare.

  9. yes, Black Sambo was owned by Regna Evans in Walla Walla, Washington. Too bad we don’t have more of his blood in Al Khamsa. He sired 48 foals but Al Khamsa only carries his line forward through his Babson Egyptian daughter, Black Satin and his two combined source daughters, Velours and Bint Millanne. There were some excellent horses from Velours and Bint Milanne but sadly these lines are endangered now. I plan on doing an article in Khamsat about the rare lines from these two mares, Bint Milanne and Velours.

  10. The foal’s markings are a match with later pictures of Ferhan.

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