Complete set of Khamsat

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 9th, 2013 in General

Darlene Summers and I purchased a complete set of the Khamsat magazine. Darlene will scan them for the Al Khamsa archives project, and I will get the hard copies. I have been wanting a complete set for ten years. Isn’t this cool?

5 Responses to “Complete set of Khamsat”

  1. That’s wonderful, Edouard! I know you’ve been wanting a set. I have a complete set, but part with them? Nah. Till death do us part. Enjoy!

  2. Lucky you! VBG

  3. OK……I’m Jealous. I thought about them too but the shipping would have killed me, LOL

  4. A number of volunteers have working on this project and scanning issues already! They get the kudos! The Khamsats are in great condition and waiting for your return. I got the set of Arabian Visions at the same time — shipping wasn’t too bad.

  5. What happy news! Everyone interested in desert Arabian horses benefits from this. Plus, you will have added a significant group of documents from your time on earth to your growing library, carrying on the libraries of your father and ancestors, which is perfectly as it should be in an ideal world. This news makes my day fulfilling already, and I’ve just started it!

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