Dahman, b. 1900, from the Shammar

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 5th, 2017 in Syria

The desert-bred Arabian stallion Dahman, born in 1900, imported from Syria to France’s Pompadour stud in 1909 by Quinchez, remains one of the prototypes of the authentic Arabian stallion. He was bred by the Shammar, by a stallion of the Dahman strain, out of a mare of the Rabdan strain.

This photo is in a 1923 article from the magazine “Le Sport Universel Illustre”, from the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.




5 Responses to “Dahman, b. 1900, from the Shammar”

  1. Wonderful Horse!!!!

  2. Again, quoting de Madron : Dahman was bought at some Egyptian Army’s barrack in Alexandria. A lucky finding for the Frenchies 😉

  3. He came with a hujjah a translation of which is given in Robert Mauvy’s book.

  4. I particularly like this guy. I find something reminiscent of some of the horses linebred to Ibn Rabdan in him: this rich coat color, strong structure and even this soft and confident expression I have seen also among some of the chesnut Babson bred horses. Definitely dreaming of riding this kind of horse again soon…

  5. Very very nice.

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