Daughters of the Wind Turns Four

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 19th, 2012 in General

The day before yesterday was my daughter’s fourth birthday, and also Daughters of the Winds fourth anniversary.

8 Responses to “Daughters of the Wind Turns Four”

  1. Four years old , you and your wife must be very happy! It seems that your daughter is!

    May life be ever so kind to your family, as a daily thanksgiving.

    Happy Birthday’s JMH

  2. Happy birthday to two of the most important daughters in the world!!!

  3. Thank you, it has special meaning coming from both of you.

  4. Sorry .. typing Arabic did not work..

    Mashaa’ Allah .. May Allah bless her and may she become a great horse woman.

  5. Hey, Edouard, my son is 4 years old too! Since January 5th.

    Happy birthday

  6. Happy Birthday ya Bint El Edouard…

  7. Congratulations – daughters are the best (especially four year olds!).

  8. A much belated birthday wish to both your daughters!

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