Davenport on *Wadduda

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 28th, 2011 in General

I was re-reading the Cravers’ “Annotated Quest” the other day, and came upon this description of *Wadduda by Homer Davenport, which had marked me the first time I read years ago:

“The war mare, the present from the Supreme Ruler, was the chestnut. She seemed to be fretting to get out of the only town she had ever been in. In her highly carried tail, I saw some blue beads tied gracefully in her hair. I knew they were to keep off the ‘Evil Eye’ […]. Her names they told me was “Wadduda”, meaning “love”; that she was a Seglawie Al Abed, seven years old and had been the favorite war mare of Hashem Bey for four years. She didn’t like the town, she wanted to go — and those who told me pointed to the desert.”


2 Responses to “Davenport on *Wadduda”

  1. one of my favorite books, brings tears to my eyes every time i read about homers ride into the desert on wadduda. our mare aria dl had the great honor of portraying wadduda at the 2006 celebration of homers importation in silverton oregon

  2. And yet there is no tail female Wadduda left in the Davenport-Bradley group. Very sad!

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