Dr. Ashoub 1942 RAS book

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 24th, 2013 in General

Did you know that what is currently considered as Volume I of the Egyptian Agricultural Organization studbook, the one published in English in 1948 (I think) was only the English translation of a previous volume published in Arabic in 1942 by Dr. Abdel Halim Ashoub?

Well, I didn’t,  until Yasser Ghanem al-Tahawi pointed me to it recently. Yasser was looking for explicit evidence of use by the RAS of Tahawi stallions in the early years, so he bought a recent reprint of this 1942 book from the EAO library. I look forward to acquiring one, too.


5 Responses to “Dr. Ashoub 1942 RAS book”

  1. And I want to know what you find out, both of you!

  2. Yasser already found out an explicit reference to the Tahawi are breeders of the RAS foundation stallion Haroun who does not have any descendants anymore. He told me the name of the Tahawi breeder of Haroun but I forgot it.

    So that makes three RAS foundation stallions of proven Tahawi origins: Haroun, Gamal El Din and Nasr (chestnut, “Nasr, a racehorse).

    There is less direct evidence about two other RAS foundation stallions: Shour (of Lord Kitchener) and Akram.

  3. Fascinating…

  4. It would appear, then, that the English translation was not complete? I would be interested in knowing if the Tahawi used any of the RAS stallions and if so, which ones.

  5. Dear Edouard

    Most interesting. when you get the 1942 version could you translate it for us please?

    thanks and regards

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