Early Preservation Success

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 20th, 2012 in General

A lot has been taking place lately on the preservation front, which has not been appearing on this blog. It’s not quite for lack of time, it’s just that at some point this past year, I realized I needed to move from talking about things to helping get things done. And since a lot of that is process, and talking to people, and talking people into getting horses from vanishing lines, I have not been reporting on it here.

The Al Khamsa Preservation Task Force, which I chair,  has been particularly busy. Lately it scored a big success: the 2002 mare Jadah BellofTheBall (Invictus Al Krush x Belladonna CHF by Audobon out of LD Rubic), from the rare tail female line to the desert bred Kuahylat al-‘Ajuz mare *Nufoud of King Abd al-‘Aziz Aal Saud, and one of the last Sharp mares in the world (no Blunt/Crabbet blood in the pedigree) has been saved from a difficult situation and acquired by a dedicated preservation breeder.

Jeannie Lieb of Carlisle, MA, is the new lucky owner of this nice mare, and a breeding to Triermain CF (Javera Thadrian x Demetria by Lysander) is planned for this summer. This development places the *Nufoud tail female in a more hopeful position than ever before in the last 10 years, and reduces the pressure to search for older mares from this line such as the 1993 Bint Rubic CHF (EA Salute x LD Rubic by Plantagenet), which is lost.

Another related positive development is that Bell’s Sharp older sister, Jadah Necessity (Lifes Capade LD  x LD Rubic) was bred this year by her co-owner, to one of the last Sharp stallions, Jadah Echos Amir (Invictus Al Krush x Jadah Moliah by LD Sirs Echo).

A big thank you is in order for all those who helped makes this happen: Dawn Woods, Jeanne Craver, Jenny Krieg, Bassam Hawarneh, Kathy Busch, Kim Davis, and of course Jeannie Lieb.

3 Responses to “Early Preservation Success”

  1. Heartening to see this dedication and progress! This is so much at the heart of Al Khamsa.

  2. All Al Khamsa should join the Task Force!

    Edouad, preaching

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Edouard. I feel very lucky to have acquired such a beautiful mare and to be in a position to help with the preservation effort at the same time. I am really looking forward to her arrival, once she has been bred.

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