El Alamein

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 4th, 2011 in General

El Alamein (Dhareb out of Antarah by Antez), a 1943 Kuhaylan Haifi, and one of four full siblings, who were at the heart of the rebirth of Davenport breeding. Shown here in old age, and blind from an infection (hence the swollen eye). Charles Craver handling.

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  1. Great proportions on this horse. Good depth of girth, strong hips, nicely shaped neck of just the right length. Also note also the dryness indicating fine skin, and the detail in the legs and tendons. Though the ear position is a bit awkward and one hiding behind the other, it is still apparent that the ears are of a fine and graceful shape. A classic, timeless Arabian horse. If I am not mistaken, Charles, or someone showed me movies of this horse, many years ago and despite his being blind he was animated, joyful and moved as if he could see. He was a treasure find for the second foundation. Of course he also sired three of my all time favorite Davenport mares: Iras (x Portia), Thea Isis (x Portia) and Bint Antan (x Antan).

  2. … and of course Ibn Alamein (x Saranah), and Bint Alamein (x Cressida), out of a total of just 13 foals!

  3. June, so influential in the Krush lines, too!

  4. Yep. Unfortunately, he was before my time, but what a legacy!

  5. His daughter Dixie was quite a good mare, too.

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