From the end of the earth

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 15th, 2013 in General

Here is a comment from Gerd, from Chile:

“Three friends, readers of his blog, also inspired by the Blog, joined forces to try to keep the line of a Tahawy Arabian mare who arrived in Chile. So they found 3 mares.The only Arabs asil there are in chile are Egyptian, so they must continue in that line. Dreaming,they hope someday import semen from some asil stalion. It shall be from France as health formalities are easier for chile.”

7 Responses to “From the end of the earth”

  1. What about Solomon here?

  2. Unfortunately, he doesn’t ship…

  3. Interesting! It must be exciting to take part in establishing a breed or particular line in a country!

  4. Adelante,creo que tiene que salir bien.Como dice el proverbio: “busca al semental y buscalo dos veces”

  5. Any pictures? pedigrees?
    Are they form the Tahawy lines in the US?

  6. Here is the pedigree of one of the fillies from the last generation of my breeding program using two times my foundation mare Neveem:

    I don´t know much about the Tahawi lines in USA.

    I will send pictures.

  7. In the USA in blue you can find Tahawi lines in this PDF:

    And there is Neveen (Born and bred at Hamdan Stables, El Cairo, Egypt. First exported to USA, and in 1991 exported to Chile. Chilean National Champion 1992.). From the Folla line, before she cames to Chile she appears with a daughter, Amira Neveen, and her progenie. All at LDV.

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