Hamdany Riadh in Forbis 1971

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 9th, 2014 in Bahrain, Saudi

Another interesting snapshot is the information Judi Forbis reports about Hamdany Riadh, a stallion at Sheykh Mohammad B. Salman (brother of the then ruling emir and uncle of the present King), during her 1970 visit to Bahrain:

“Despite deep chuck holes and the rocky desert, the car succeeded in reaching Ganabia safely where Sheikh Mohamed’s farm was located a few kilometers away. An old grey Hamdaniyah mare from the Saud’s stud and a desert-bred [implied — not from Bahrain and not the Saud’s studs] grey Obeyah mare were  the most attractive of some fifteen broodmares. Sheikh Mohamed had also kept a good Hamdani stallion which he received from the Saud’s as a gift, but unfortunately the horse had died recently.” 

A few years ago, a discussion on this blog had come to the conclusion that Hamdany Riad was in all probability the Saudi stallion Faris (Al Harqan x Al Hadbaa), #84 in the Saudi Studbook, which gifted to Bahrain in 1964 along with a number of Hamdani mares.

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  1. Hello Edouard, I am not sure how the conclusions was reached that Hamdany Riad was the same as the stallion Faris # 84 in Saudi studbook. Faris has foals registered in the Saudi studbook born between 1962 and 1967, so presumably he couldnt have gone to Bahrain in 1964 and stayed there? Hamdany Riyadh is also noted as the sire of a 1956 mare that came to Bahrain from Saudi in 1964, her name is Saqlawieh Riadh – see notes in Bahrain studbook Vol 1 page 73 & a photo of her on page 74. Am happy to stand corrected, as always.

  2. The “old grey Hamdaniyah mare from the Saud’s stud” would be Hamdanieh Saudia BHRSP#7.

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