Hansi’s horses and her legacy

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 20th, 2018 in General

For several years, Hansi ran the same ad about Serenity Arabian Farms in the Khamsat magazine, featuring some of the several hundred horses she and her first and second husbands Bradford Heck and William Melnyk bred over the course of more than four decades.

I recall being in awe of three stallions in particular (photos from this ad below): Serenity Sharaf, with a depth of girth like no other stallion; his brother Serenity Lamir, who was an ode to balance, and above all, racehorse champion Serenity Mamlouk, whose photo below exudes power, balance, perfection of conformation, nobility and … these staring sparkling eyes.

Hansi was indeed a master breeder (and master breeders in this country can be counted on the fingers of one hand), with an eye to functional conformation like no one else’s. As a race horse trainer and an owner of horses that have excelled in halter, flat racing and endurance alike, she knew what makes a superior, athletic performance horse, and even more so, she knew how to breed one, working with a closed pool of Egyptian lines.

I am particularly worried about the fate of her immense and immensely precious collection of photos, letters, documents and books, in particular amidst persistent rumors of horse breeders foraging around her house and home office in Florida. I hope it is and it remains in safe and trustworthy hands, and that someone will eventually catalog it and archive it.

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  1. She did truly know her stuff. If only she had gotten a hold of Dalul
    Bruce Peek

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