Hindi horses proposal for inclusion in the AK Roster

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 10th, 2011 in General

This evening, I submitted a proposal to the Al Khamsa Board on the inclusion of the five 1949 Hindi imports to the USA in the AK Roster. They are:

*DAHAM AHR, gs, b. 1947, AHR #8205
*DALAL AHR, gm, b. 1947, AHR #9822
*BINT ATTEBBE, gm, b. 1946, AHR #10851
*JAMIL ZAMEN, gs, b. 1950, AHR #13542
*JAMILA ZAMEN, gm, b. 1950, AHR #13541
I will share the proposal with you as soon as it is completed. There is currently only one mare alive that is entirely from these bloodlines.  If that proposal passes the first vote by the Board and the Assembly, and the second vote by both bodies, then that mare, Hindi Nafha (born in 1991), a Sa’dat al-Tuqan, would be the only horse eligible to join the AK Roster. She has no progeny to date.
If you want to learn more about the Hindi horses in the USA, then click here for this recent (September 2011) feature.

8 Responses to “Hindi horses proposal for inclusion in the AK Roster”

  1. I knew The Hindi imports as well as Hindi himself. He had the pleasure of seeing me tossed off Raya Del Sol (Rashad x
    Bint Moniet). The art of landing with a resounding thud.

    An often heard sound of my thinking astray, hope the mare and the others get accepted. I would vote yes!


  2. Brahaim Hindi was also friends with Pritzlaff and Raswan

  3. As I recall Pritzlaff let Hindi used one his horses for long distance riding………….As to Raswan I do not know if the two were friends? A friend here in Taos owned several of the Hinda horses. I met Hindi when he was here visiting. Was a very kind person with his thinking and easy to visit with. He enjoyed my ride into the distant dust. I jumped on a mare only to have her spring into a run. So much for bare back riding and bridle less, And ‘I horseless!

    And,So much for ego……………

    We just all left the scene and had Ice Tea.

    In Raya’s defense I had never ridden her without saddle or bridle. I just said she makes a better brood mare, and
    I less a show off. Thanks for the instant recall Edouard!
    Yet, those were fun times and wonderful memories.

    Richard was always wanting me too lose balance! Saying I would have to buy him a drink.

    Oh well, such is life in the life of I am, still now.

    Jackson/ remembering

  4. There were several objects given to them by Raswan, which I saw when I visited there in 2000. Wonderful people indeed. They mentioned that friend in Taos that had their horses.

  5. Good memories! Thanks, Jackson! (I am visualizing your flight!)

  6. Thanks for linking to my “Arabian Wind” Hindi horses feature in Western Horseman. By the next morning, 15 of your readers had come to read it. I enjoy seeing your photos, too.

  7. Thanks for your kind words, Tim.

  8. WOW Edouard!!! I almost missed the link for the great article. Thanks a lot!!! Really happy (which is an understatement) of what you are doing for the Hindi horses. Yet another reason why I like you so much…you speak well for the horses. AWESOME!

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