Hope springs

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 3rd, 2015 in General

From Carrie Slayton, a fellow Arabian horse preservationist (thank God for these angels):

“Polynesia LD foaled a lovely bay Sharp filly April 23rd,sire is the Davenport stallion Fire Dragon LF. She will be named DI (Desert Ice) Pele, for the Hawaiian volcano goddess”. 

That’s the same pedigree as this horse, three generations of Davenports on top, and a particularly close tail female line to Manial’s Mahroussa. Photos below from Carrie.

20150425_173000 20150501_171150 20150425_173444


5 Responses to “Hope springs”

  1. Wouldn’t Carol Lyons be so proud?

  2. Of course she would be. She would be proud of Carrie, of Marge, of Marilyn, of Michael, of Jeannie Lieb, of Monica, of Jenny, and of all those who are taking these lines one generation further, a filly at a time. What a miracle in the present context.

  3. It is an honor to carry forward these special bloodlines, that most likely, would have disappeared a generation or two ago, were it not for Carol Lyons.

  4. Also, all three of my Sharp preservation mares have had the influence of long time Al Khamsa breeder, Marge Smith, in either a breeding or “facilitator” capacity. I am thankful for her help and friendship.

  5. Great news, Polynesia is one of my all-time favorite mares, and Fire Dragon seems to be making a fine sire. I wish we had more influence from Bon Jour CF.

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