Horses of Mustafa Al-Jabri: 6

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 24th, 2014 in Syria

Qadheefah, a Ubayyah Suhayliyah owned by M. al-Jabri in Syria

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  1. Please I would like to know who is the breeder of Sa’ad by Mahrous and Nova?

  2. it is Mustafa al-Jabri. I have a nice picture of Saad which I can share.

  3. Nova by managi sbeyli out of saglawieh shaifieh what is her marbat? Thanks so much.

  4. if you give me her number in the syrian studbook i can tell you her marbat

  5. this is qadheefah, a ubayyah suhayliyah from the marbat of madfaa al-shazi of the shammar, back to the clan of al-sahlan (al-shazi’s close relatives) back of the original horses of the sharif of mecca

  6. Wonderful!!!!Thanks a lot for share with all of us your inmense knowledge!!!

  7. Saad is maternal grandsire of my horse Najm ya’rob.Rest in Peace Mustafa Al-Jabri.

  8. If it helps for the above question, Sa’ad 1989 grey SYSB Vol 2 registration number A0626

  9. Thanks so much Katrina;like many of us I would like to have information about my horses,and Nova Saad’s mother is one and the other is Sit el Kull,it is possible some day Edouard add more light.

  10. yes, i knew both of them “personally”.

  11. A very elegant mare.

  12. Très sérieuse jument.

    Louis Bauduin.

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