How Old American asil bloodlines are dying fast

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 7th, 2011 in General

Take a look at the descendants of the 1920 stallion Ribal (Berk x Rijma by Rijm), one of the foundation sires of old American (asil) Arabian horse breeding: he has 11 progeny that bred on within Al Khamsa (asil) lines; I am re-listing them below:

1. Baribeh, out of Babirah (who is from 100% Blunt lines)

2. Ghadaf, out of Gulnare (who is from 100% Blunt lines)

3. Ghanighat, out of Guemura (who is from Blunt and other Old English lines)

4. Ghawi,  out of Gulnare (100 % of Blunt lines)

5. Sahalli, out of Sherah (who is from 100% Davenport lines)

6. Curfa, out of Nardina (who is from 100% Blunt lines)

7. Pareta, out of Zenee (who is mostly from Davenport lines)

8. Borkaan, out of Babe Azab (who is from 100% Davenport lines)

9. Caravan, out of Fasal (who is from 100% Davenport lines)

10. Royal Amber, out of Babe Azab (see above)

11. Yakouta, out of Ferdika (who is from 100% Blunt lines)

All of these 11 offspring of Ribal are otherwise foundation horses of early American breeding and have bred on successfully outside the asil realm. Of these 11 lines, no less than five lines (n. 3, n. 6, n. 8, n. 9, and n. 11) were lost in 1990s, when the last descendants of HMR Haltak, Sudairi and Bint Radonna did not breed on within Al Khamsa lines, despite last ditch efforts by the likes of Carol Lyons and others to save what could be saved.

Three more lines to Ribal (n. 5, n. 7 and n. 10) are literally hanging by a thread, and are some of the rarest Al Khamsa lines present in the USA and Canada. There is one unregistered mare tracing to no. 5 Sahalli, with a breeder in California. Her name is Sarita Bint Raj and she is also the last link to desert imports *Al Mashoor and *Euphrates.  Another breeder, Elizabeth Ford-Pade, is the owner of the last two or three descendants of n. 7, Pareta, and she is still breeding, she is not registering their offspring anymore. Finally, there is only a handful offspring of n. 10, Royal Amber, most of them in the hands of Trish Stockhecke in Canada, who owns three aged mares. All three lines have often been mentioned before on this blog.

This leaves us with viable lines to Ribal, n. 1, n. 2, and n. 4, in the closed herds of Doyle horses (through both Ghadaf and his brother Ghawi) and what remains of the now endangered Priztlaff Rabanna horses (through both Rabanna and Ghadaf). What a loss of diversity and old American heritage.

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