Ibn Ghurab and his son, Rmaylan, Syria, 2005

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 23rd, 2017 in General

How I miss those days. 2005. North Eastern Syria, not far from the border with Iraq. From right to left: Ibn Ghurab’s son, yours truly, Ibn Ghurab, our driver. Ibn Ghurab had the best collection of desert bred Hamdani Simri mares I had ever seen. His family has owned them for some 250 years. From his stud, they spread to the tribes.

2 Responses to “Ibn Ghurab and his son, Rmaylan, Syria, 2005”

  1. Oh, for a time machine…eh, brother?

  2. So if the Hamdany Simri go back to 1750, would there not be a good chance that it had to have taken at least 50 years for the strain to have been formed? Further evidence that Bedouin bred Asil horses are much older than conventional western historians have thought.
    Bruce Peek

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