Irade, 1975 asil Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 14th, 2011 in General

Recently uploaded on the website of the Davenport Arabian Horse Conservancy website is this photo of the beautiful 1975 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion Irade (Ibn Alamein x Iras), bred at Craver Farms.

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  1. Handsome horse, and 3/4 brother to Regency CF, but there is essentially nothing left of him in Davenport breeding. Irade was sold from Craver Farms at age two, but returned to stand the 1988 season. He sired three Davenport foals, Touche CF, Chalice CF, and Demure CF, all in the core Kuhaylan Haifi group, but of these Touche CF was sold to someone who gelded him, Chalice CF was one of three horses that died in 1993 during the evacuation of 160+ horses from Craver Farms before the Illinois River flooded and destroyed the farm, and last I heard Demure CF is still alive but now 22 and never produced a foal.

  2. Touche was sold to someone who sold him to someone who gelded him. :< Chalice was one of the real beauties. Her death of a broken neck at age 2 was one of the real tragedies of our breeding career. Demure has been tried with a stallion, but it did not work. Another tragedy. Charles says you cannot truly know a breeding program unless you know the horses that died. In this case, you might think that Irade was a failure at stud, and the line was removed. That was SO not the case. We sold Irade as a foal, and he was a wonderful sire for his owners. We leased him back for a season to get the blood back, and bred him to three of our best mares in his breeding group. Sometimes things just do not work!

  3. Such an intelligent head in this photo, and a combination of Plantagenet and Regency.

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