Jamal Pasha with Iraqi Bedouin leaders ca. 1915

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 5th, 2012 in General

Jamal Pasha, known as al-Saffah (“The Blood Shedder”) was governor of the Ottoman Vilayet of Syria just before World War I. He is shown here surrounded by the Shaykhs of Iraqi Bedouin tribes, celebrating the completion of the al-Hindya dam on the Euphrates river near al-Hilla, south of Baghdad. Photo from Wikipedia.

5 Responses to “Jamal Pasha with Iraqi Bedouin leaders ca. 1915”

  1. Lui et Lawrence d’Arabie ont donc été adversaires pendant la 1ère guerre mondiale.

  2. Absolument. Il a ete assassine par des rescapes armeniens du genocide, dans lequel il a joue un grand role..

  3. So that guy was involved in the Amenian genocide.. Don’t speak french but still have enough church latin to put together what you just said Edouard.
    Bruce Peek

  4. Dear Edouard , there is no evidence about a genocide on armenians. Supported by Russians and French Armenians killed thousends of turks. They’re still continuing with genocide in caucasus.
    In the West you can find churches build by turkish Bones visited as tourist attraction. Don’t forget what happens in Syria, palestina since turks Left this Area.

  5. Hmmm… then we disagree.

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