Kuhaylan al-Mimrah: from Egypt to South Africa

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 30th, 2008 in Bahrain, Bahrain, Egypt

The “Strain of the Week” series continues this week with the second strain featured: Kuhaylan al-Mimrah.

Modern breeders and pedigree students, especially those familiar with Asil Arabian bloodlines from Egypt will remember Kuhaylan al-Mimrah as the strain of several of the older Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) horses: the stallions Mansour and Mabrouk Manial, present in almost every pedigree of Asil Arabians of Egyptian bloodlines, are both from this strain, and so are their respective maternal half-brothers, Ibn Samhan and Hadban. Mansour and Ibn Samhan trace to Donia, a bay desert-bred Kuhaylah Mimrahiyah bred by Ibn Muwayni’ of the Saba’ah Bedouin tribe, and imported to Egypt in 1880. Mabrouk Manial and Hadban trace to Freiha, another bay desert-bred Kuhalyah Mimrahiyah bred by Ibn Huraymis of the Fad’aan tribe and imported to Egypt around the same time.

The line to Donia has died out a long time ago, but a thin Asil line to Freiha survives in South Africa, through the famous Barakah, which the RAS sold to this country in 1945. Other than its rarity and prestigious origin, this line is of interest because it brings in the blood of the Asil stallion Tuwaisaan, a present of the ruler of Bahrain to Ms. Valerie Noli-Marais, who owned Barakah.

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  1. Hi Edouard

    I came accross this site whilst looking for information regarding the history of the Barakah bloodline as I have a mother and her 4year old daughter from the Gordonville farm. The daughter, I named Morgan, after her previous owner Moira Kingwill and the farm where she was born, Gordonville. Anyway, I just happened to read that someone thought the Barakah bloodline was dead.

  2. Dear Wian,

    Feel free to contact me direct about Nikita and her progeny. uniceann@mweb.co.za


  3. Laura,

    I am very happy to read in your posting that Barakah blood are precious to the Endurance scene in South-Africa. Can you elaborate more for what reason apart from her bloodline and maybe some info of great achiements that sparked the interest even more. Calvyn

  4. Edouard

    Isn’t it interesting how more and more people are coming to the front with bits of information about te Legendary Barakah. I knew her Legacy would some day be recognised and I would like to thank you for creating this oppertunity where people can meet and gain knowledge. Keep up the good work!


  5. Thanks for the kind words Calvyn. The thread you helped start on “Daughter of the Wind” is the most popular (55 comments and counting), so I should be thanking you..

  6. about 20 years ago I worked for a couple of Stud Farms in South Africa. One of them also had horses from Dr Nolie Marais stud, one was a daughter of Robdon Zingari (Zahir/Yasimet)Sahiby Miriam. They also had Sahiby Layla, an Ahir son and progeny of Tuwaisan they purchased for endurance originally. The stud was Ordep, owned by Rose and Pedro Michaletos.

  7. Hi Catherine,

    This is interesting news. Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand that modern day Endurance horses in S.A with the Ordep prefix in their pedigrees are doing very well in present competition. It almost seems as though the weel has gone full circle. The stud farms you mention incorporated these bloodlines 20 years ago and today people with an interest in Endurance breeding seem to be very keen to bring it back into their breeding programs. 20 years is too long….. Let’s not waste any more time.


  8. Hi everyone

    just a quick update. On our recent visit to Jack Maritz farm, I was privileged to see the latest generation of Asil KM Baraka decendants and I can only say, they are simply stunning. Jack has used Ansata Aly Sherif and MD Al Shakel on the KM mares and those foals are truly exquisite! The KM horses are going from strength to strength

    On our next visit I will ask Jack to allow photos that I can post here

    kind regards


  9. Just wanted to mention the latest news from South Africa.
    The Israeli-bred asil stallion *Atiq Haleeb was just named both Champion Stallion and Supreme Champion Stallion at this first overseas show – at Worcester, Western Cape, South Africa, January 2009.
    Way to go, Haleeb!
    Congratulations to his new owners, the Botha Family of Namibia.
    We remain the very proud breeders.

  10. Zviah,

    David Botha is a good friend of mine. He sent me pictures of Haleeb taken on that very show you mention. He is simply stunning!! Congratulations to the proud breeders and owners.


  11. Dear Calvyn,
    Thanks for your kind words. We are eager to see what Haleeb might do at the South African National Championship show in April. We think that the Bothas are the perfect owners for Laheeb and are hopeful that he will have much to contribute to asil breeding in Africa.
    Could you tell us more about what MD Al Shakel has been doing since in S Africa, as he is also Israeli-bred and a fine show horse?
    Thanks again,

  12. Tzviah,

    To be honest, I haven’t been to a lot of shows lately. I know a lot of people are speaking very fondly of him and also his progeny. I must make a trip to Jack and see for myself. That’s all I know I know at this stage.

    I might also attend the Nationals as a spectator and will hold thumbs for Haleeb.


  13. Hi everybody!

    I know this is going to look really stupid and people may ask “Where have you been?”, but can anybody help me with regards to the stallion El Nasser?

    What’s the story?

    I have people telling me that his ancestry is suspect and that he is accepted by certain organisations.

    Can somebody please clear this up for me!!



  14. Dear Wilton,

    I am so glad that you ask this question. It shows you have the wisdom to question all those backyard breeders giving you the information.
    I do not doubt the purity of El Nasser and to proof my point would take a lot of reading material, research and proof beyond doubt. If I can give you good advice I would suggest you contact Joe Ferris (He had a few comments above). He is an absolute professional when it comes to reseach of bloodlines and pedigrees. No wonder Judith Forbis of Ansata Arabians asked him to write the Introduction to her latest publication: Authentic Arabian Bloodstock II.

    Realy make the effort to get that answer. You will be very glad you did and you will empower yourself with valueable knowledge.



    PS. If you do battle to get hold of him I can assist you to get a direct e-mail address.

  15. Hi Guys,

    I accidently came accross the above posts and am extremely glad I did,I mean I feel like a man who had won a lottery.

  16. Hi guys,

    So glad I came accross this site and you can be sure I will, in the future, be a regular visitor.Just thought I will share with you guys some info relating to Gordonville Ziyadan.I bought a chestnut mare in 1998 called Thareek when she was 3yrs old.She is the daughter of Sheraba Archon out of Shiraz bint al Kharif.Archon is the son of Sahiby Nafees(son of Ahir)This mare ,Thareek is a decendent of Gordonville Ziyadan.I was then informed that the person who bred her never registered her.I have since bred two fillys from her.The first with the stallion Halliford Achim and the second with the stallion Jorhemar al Kharnak.I am presently breeding for endurance horses with all three of them.One stallion I am using is Banghor Montego,a decendent of Nyashin el Shaklan.In 1998 I tried to register her but the then President of the Society,Bob Hepburn said I could not do so for reasons of ,good business practice,as he put it.It seems to me that the American Arabian Horse Registry allows for registration of horses older than 2 years to be registered,why not South-Africa?I mean this mare could just as well have been an Asil horse!!!!!Anyway I would appreciate it if the South-Africans visiting this site and who have some muscle with the Society will support the passing of a rule that will bring this into effect or at least explain to me the reasoning behind this rule.You can contact me on cois007@ananzi.co.za Thanx Edouard just thought you will find this interesting…I mean I have got three purebred Arabians and not one is registered????:-(


  17. While I am here can you please tell me more about this mare of mines strain???She is a Kuhaylan Dajanieh…Thanx


  18. Hallo, I am looking for the contact details of David Botha. Would like to find out if he has any Arabian stallions for sale in Namibia. Atiq Haleen is a beautiful horse. We want to buy an Arabian stallion in Namibia to breed with our Arab mare.

  19. Dear Janke,
    Here is contact information for David Botha:
    One of these emails will work for sure.
    Cellphone: +264811499256
    Good luck stallion shopping and thank you for your kind words about Atiq Haleeb.
    Best wishes,
    Tzviah Idan
    (Breeder of Atiq Haleeb)

  20. What an extraordinary thread. Reads like a detective novel, mystery, thriller, family saga, romance gone wrong, but happily resolved in the end. When this heat wave is over (Sirocco blowing here, thanks so very much Africa!) I will go back and read it all again.

    Thank you all who created this enlightening thread.

  21. Hallo Tzviah, thank you for the info. I will contact David in Namibia. We want to start breeding Arabians in Namibia. I will check on the mare we have and see if i have any information that you can help me with. I am very interested in Egyption lines and also Crabett.If you have any advise for me, please let me know.We have a game farm near Dordabis, thus the horses will have a wonderful place to live.The mare we own is called Zina and she is a great endurance horse. We have been offered quite a some of money from an Arabian buyer but we are not selling her.This site is exteremly interesting and I have learned so much. Thank you. kind regards janke

  22. An interesting historical fact concerning Gordonville Ziyadan (Zahir x Baraka), is that he was probably the very last horse that traced exclusively to Al Khamsa’s EGYPT I ancestral element.
    For those who may not know, from the Al Khamsa website : “Of the many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Arabian horses imported to Egypt prior to 1900, only 47 managed to breed on and become Al Khamsa Foundation Horses. These are the EGYPT I horses which include the horses of Abbas Pasha, Ali Pasha Sherif and other breeders in Egypt who imported Foundation Horses between about 1840 through the late 1890’s. All modern Egyptian and part Egyptian Arabians trace to most of these Foundation Horses. It is no longer possible to find horses of strictly EGYPT I ancestry.”
    Gordonville Ziyadan was of strictly EGYPT I ancestry.

  23. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your writing. It is very interesting! There are a few owners of Gordonville Ziyadan blood in South-Africa and I am sure they will feel very proud to learn this about him.


  24. Hi Tzviah, I bought 2 mares from David Botha that was covered by Atiq Haleeb, as well as a filly from Willie Brown out of Haleeb and Adanha, an El Shaklan daughter. The mares from David is called Lil a Bad and Zad El Rakib. Both straight Egyptian.Dawid Botha is back in the USA with Michael Byatt. Will let you know how the foals turn out from Atiq Haleeb. regards janke

  25. Hi Janke

    I used Atiq Haleeb on my Shams el Faren Mare, and my Filly is fantastic I am weaning her this month, she is everything we hoped dhe would be and MORE! Goodluck with your breeding program.

  26. Dear Janke and Amy,
    What luck that I reread this thread today to see your posts. Would be delighted to open a correspondence with you both and hear more about your horses, and especially how the addition of the blood of Atiq Haleeb has influenced your programs. I do not know much at all about David’s program, and any information about your mares would be simply wonderful.
    Can’t wait to see photos of the Shams el Faren mare.
    Please write me directly at idanatiq@gmail.com .
    With best wishes to you both,

  27. I find this blog so interesting and want to sy hi to friends that I know.I just bought a mare out of Thee Cyclone and found that she relates back to Baraka through Vlinkfontein Barakite that was bred to Anchor Hill Omar(Char EchoX Anchor Hill Bint Gamilaa) and bred Vlinkfontein Omar that was the great grandfather to my mare Kanna Cyline.Very interesting.Thank you for all the information.

  28. Hi

    I am trying to trace the bloodline of a friends arab.

    He was bred by Noli Marais. His sire is Minit Tarak – but I cannot find this detail anywhere so not sure if this is correct.

    He is a bay gelding, 15 years old, born Jan 4th.

    His name is Raktha

    Any help – please email me ntillett@gmail.com


  29. hi,
    I am a novice Arab enthusiast/addict, and would like some more information an the Ahir blood lines. I am struggling to find any real information on the net, if anyone can give me advice it would be much appreciated.


  30. Hallo Liske

    I’m just as new at this, but starting out with a whole stud of Ahir-strong mares! One of the Ahir sons were Sidi Zahid. A beautiful big horse, proven in endurance and with the most amazing temperament. The stud that I’m buying used him on all their mares and Im now carrying on with that offspring. To breed hopefully (if he lasts) to Sidi Egyptian King – also double Ahir from his mother’s side.
    Good luck with your searches! (And keep me informed please: adele@isabis4x4.com)

  31. Hi All, Barakah was sold to my oupa Con Kingwill shortly after her arrival in South Africa. My love for arabs started when i heard all the stories about her and my oupa had several photo’s of her around his house. It is so nice to read all the comments about the horse that my Oupa loved so much!!

  32. Tyne, do you have some of these photos? and can you share them with us?

  33. Hello, anyone from South Africa knows how I could join Mrs. Zandri Reynolds? The usual email address now bounces back.

  34. Hi All. I was fortunate to aquire Assad Nikita (Asil) hereself at 21 years old just recently. She has Ahir 3 times in her near pedigree and also has the barakah dam line. She was put to Kromar Xoyatan from the Asil Rosina and Nabilah line. Expecting the foal later in 2017. Very exited!

  35. HI chris..
    I have a Gordonville Ziyadan line in one of my mares…
    Thanks for the info…

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