This page is dedicated to the asil Arabian Kuhaylah Hayfiyyah filly Wadhah (Javera Thadrian x Wisteria CF), a  grey filly born in April 2010 at Craver Farms. Check back for regular updates.

Below photos are from July 2015, in PA. Click on them to enlarge them.



3 Responses to “Wadhah”

  1. Edouard,

    She is glorious! How proud you must be. Beloved Wisteria and now Wadhah.

  2. Lovely filly Edouard. You can see that she will always have that noble expression in her face like her sire. When I first saw Javera Thadrian, he was like a 19th century engraving come to life! So alive, so elastic and so fine and dry.

  3. Joe, are you the one who took the beautiful photo of him for the Khamsat Report of the 1991 Illinois AK Convention? or was it 1996?

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