Looking for Tabbou

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 13th, 2010 in Lebanon, USA

If anyone who reads this website and lives in the USA knows where the 1987 stallion Tabbou (Saddat x Rose Al Badi by Shaikh Al Badi) and his 1985 sister PH So Uneeq (Imperial Faneeq x Rose Al Badi), both of the rare and coveted Shaykhan/’Ubayyan strain which hails from Lebanon, please email me privately: ealdahdah@hotmail.com. Their trace was lost some time ago, and I would like to track them back, and perhaps help them get back in production.

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  1. Tabbou was owned by the late Ann Souza. Most of her horses were then sold to Lonnie and Larry Caravello of Tehachapi, CA. Further information and contact details can be found at:


  2. Thank you. I tried emailing, and it bounced back. Datasource mentions a last owner in 2005, Mrs. Sandra Coulter. I will try contacting her, too.

  3. Hello ,
    I noticed you where looking for Tabbou. I am wondering if you were able to track him down? I have a daughter of his : RC Fortella (1994)

  4. No I wasn’t able to. He might have died.

  5. Well, I feel a bit guilty now as I had the opportunity to purchase Tabbou for $1000 just after Anne died. Obviously, I didn’t do it.

  6. What a missed opportunity…

  7. Hi I am Lonnie Caravello the owner of Rainbow Crest Arabians.
    You can call me if you wish to.
    My e-mail is: rainbowarabs@ymail.com or
    or you can call me:
    661 822-0587
    Thank you, Lonnie

  8. i certainly will!

  9. Edouard,

    I live about an hour from Tehachapi, CA.

  10. You seem to live an hour away from everything! I just left Lonnie a message, but you may want to pay her a visit and ask about the stallion Tabbou, whether he is still alive and a stallion, and whether he has any AK progeny..

  11. We have a grandson of Tabbou. He’s a 13 year old registered arabian stallion.

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