Mlolshaan Mahrous Bahraini stallion in the UK

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 17th, 2014 in Bahrain

This magnificent stallion is a gift from the King of Bahrain to the Queen of English. Photo from the Arabian Horse World Magazine.

2 Responses to “Mlolshaan Mahrous Bahraini stallion in the UK”

  1. I wanted to note here that the Abbas Pasha Manuscript (what a treasure) has evidence of the Mulawlish strain being with the Aal Khalifah in Bahrain since the 1840s at least.

  2. More specifically: Mohammed and Ali sons of Abdallah Aal Khalifah, then rulers of Bahrain, before being deposed by their relative Mohammed Ibn Khalifah, when testifying about the strain of Dahman Shahwan, said: “and we bred the chestnut mare, daughter of al-Jallabi, to Kuhaylan al-Mulawlish, son of al-Jallabi, son of Kuhaylan Zuwayyir, and she foaled a chestnut colt who died.

    A few paragraphs later, “our father… bred the grey dam from the son of Kuhaylan al-Mulawlish, and she brought a grey filly…”.

    This indicates the Aal Khalifah had that strain, that it was from their horses, and that they used to mate it since the 1840s and perhaps before that.

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