More Mahboob Halab progeny in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 29th, 2011 in France, Syria

Mahboob Halab, the asil Shuayman Sabbah stallion from Syria, now in France with Jean-Claude Rajot, has more foals on the ground, which gives me the opportunity to showcase the progeny of the Syrian desert-breds here.

Here’s his daughter Shueymah Challawieh, out of one of Jean-Claudes’ mares, also a Shuwaymah by strain, but tracing to the imported Cherifa, bred by the Sba’ah Bedouins and imported to Algeria in 1869.

7 Responses to “More Mahboob Halab progeny in France”

  1. A very handsome and correct boy. I am pleased to see the shoulders on these foals (this colt and the Mokhtar filly), as the angulation is what we would look for. Glad to have these new desert bred babies confirming that!

  2. Should have said desert-sired, of course…

  3. bonjour Edouard
    est ce qu’on peux avoir la semence congelé de mahboub halab ou bien non vu que l’opération n’est pas possible avec Mokhtar

  4. She’s wonderful!
    Yes, I would also like to know about the possibility of shipped semen from Mahboob Halab…

  5. I would love to breed him to my Labwah when she is old enough…

  6. Will inquire about shipping options

  7. Thanks, Edouard! No rush, though – we’re talking at the very least 2 years away.

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