More photos of new foals at Jadaan Arabians in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 30th, 2010 in Syria

Two more pictures from Sohaila and Ahwaz from Basil Jadaan.

9 Responses to “More photos of new foals at Jadaan Arabians in Syria”

  1. They are gorgeous, but WHY ARE THEY SHAVED??????

    OMG this idiotic shaving is even present in Syria now, I thought that, that would be one of the places where they would be sensible!!!!


  2. Are they? They don’t look to me like they are..

  3. Just looks like normal baby coat to me…

  4. Beautiful foals – thank you!!

  5. do you have a pic of the new Shaykhah filly?

  6. I only have some from last year. Labwah has just started to shed her winter coat, so is still very fuzzy. I will get some when she’s sleek.

  7. Yes the lower one is, look at the line on its nose, its very good to see.

    The riangle from the eyes and then towards the nose.

    I think its a pitty, but gorgeous anyway.

  8. YA MASHALLAH…… loevey Foals….I wish to have one…

    Rarely Strain…Hope one Day’s we can see it one of them in Europa

  9. You can see the better hindends on these foals even at their young age. The stifle is placed further underneath the body too better for movement and stronger for carrying a rider, and better angles in general. Basil you have done a good job.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

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