More stallions at Al Basel

By Joe Ferriss

Posted on March 21st, 2008 in Syria

Another horse that I saw at Al Basel was, to me, a real charmer. His name is Shawal. He is a Shuwayman Sabbah stallion. He is handsome, very charismatic and an excellent mover. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to go inside the arena to take pictures so he was photographed from the railing and it cuts of the view of the whole horse. Nonetheless, I wanted to share his photo because even in his body language you can detect a special personality, one which is enhanced by his very dark bay color against the backdrop of bright sand. He is another prized Asil stallion at Al Basel. I don’t now about his present status.

-Joe Ferriss

Shawal - Shuwayman Sabbah stallion at Al Basel

2 Responses to “More stallions at Al Basel”

  1. Joe, wonderful pictures! I will post additional pictures of these stallions and their sires and dams.

  2. “Shawal” died few years ago, he was not extensively used as a stallion; the Syrians prefered stallions from the “Basil” lineage, especially the ones from the “Mayada” dam line (a Kuhaylah Hayfiah) if my memory is good, as I’m in Beirut for Easter. My Syrian stud books are in my Damascus stables
    I’m using now a racing stallion from the same dam line as “Shawal” he had his first crop in 2007 which look great and is in great demand this year.

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