Mystery mare quizz

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 6th, 2009 in General

Do you happen know who this gorgeous beauty is (was)? 

Clue: bred in the USA, but a daughter of the desert.

Definitely an absolute favorite of mine, judging only from the few (rather poor) pictures I have of her. Here is another one: 

5 Responses to “Mystery mare quizz”

  1. That’s Binni II as an old mare. She was by *Shams x *Munirah.

  2. RJ, you ought to be banned from answering questions. You know TOO MUCH!

  3. One that a gallant attempt was made to preserve…. Billy Sheets and the Cavedos got a Davenport stallion to try with, but they were unsuccessful.

    RJ _is_ good!

  4. strain? Kuhaylat al-Krush? or the other one?

  5. AKA II:
    *Munirah, a 1950 chestnut Kuhaylat-‘Afayr mare bred at the Sa’ud royal studs and imported in 1962 by Richard and Laura Cavedo.

    By Buraq, a stallion of Sa’ud out of Bint ‘Afur.

    We were told by an ARAMCO official that she was the best Saudi mare he had ever seen. Let me look for a photo….

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