Not one … but four books

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 1st, 2014 in General

gleaned today from L’Orientaliste library in Cairo, all foundational French ethnographic studies from the 1930s:

— Victor Muller’s “En Syrie avec les Bedouins: les tribus du desert” (1931)

— Albert de Boucheman’s “Une petite cite caravaniere: Sukhne” (a little gem)

— Albert de Boucheman’s “Materiel de la vie Bedouine recueilli chez les Arabes Seba’a”

— and the sweetest surprise of all (because they could not find it in their vaults last time dropped by): Robert Montagne’s “Contes poetiques Bedouins recueillis chez les Shammar de Gezire”. This one is a lucky find.

I feel so blessed.



5 Responses to “Not one … but four books”

  1. You know that we are all so jealous, don’t you?

    I am glad you are back in Cairo!

  2. Perhaps I should have them scanned for you and sent for the archives. I wonder if copyrights are still applicable. I don’t think so but may need to check.

  3. super ! Il y en a qui sont en français ?

  4. tous sont en francais

  5. If they are scanned and digitally stored in several places, the data is a lot safer than physically in any one place! It would be easier for you to translate and keep notes on, too. So, yes!

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